2015 JKU Headlight, marker light out


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I just had my Jeep in the local repair shop to replace the catalytic converters and had the valve cover gasket replaced. Got it back and have the driver side headlight out. passenger marker light out and both high beam headlights out. All were fine when I dropped it off... guessing something got pulled or broke when they were working on it. Taking it back to them to fix, but any idea what they could have done to cause this? Trying to narrow it down as I need it back on the road asap.

No idea. The bulbs bad or wiring?
Did they weld anything??

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Update: they found a loose ground and one connection that hadn't been reconnected. Lights are fine again. Thankful for no charge for them hunting it down, but a few days later and now I'm getting a misfire code on cylinder 4... ughhh I just can't get a break with this one. They replaced the plugs while replacing the valve cover gasket. The idea being to save on labor since it was due (according to mileage) and he had it open. No misfire codes prior to this. But the mechanic even mentioned changing the plugs was at my discretion because there "were no current misfire codes". I feel like I'm playing a very expensive game of chase.

This kind of stuff makes me want to look at old Jeeps. Ya know, ones that have engines with parts I might actually recognize....
What brand and part number plugs were used?

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson