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  • Terry,
    I am looking at a Rubicon Express RE7030 lift kit. I reviewed your write up and was wondering about the difference before and after as to the the ride from stock. I use my TJ mainly on road, so don't want a stiff ride.
    Sorry man, I don't really know the answer. Try posting in the Cherokee section of the forum.
    Sorry guys, I don't really know the answers to your technical questions. I'd suggest that if you have a question about your jeep, you post it on the message board.
    Hi Terry
    I have damaged my rear flexible brake line on my 97 Grand Cherokee Laredo, it connects to the metal pipe that goes onto the Brake devider block on the rear axle, it is joined with a crimping joint from rubber to metal pipe, any idea how I can repaire it as the metal pipe seem fixed to the block on the axle.


    Richard ( UK)

    I am new to the jeep scene, I just bought a 93 cherokee. I want to build a cheap rock/mud buggy. my first question is " can I stack 3or4" spacers with a 3" spring lift? I also have an 18" coil spring lift I bought for my chevy straight axle swap, can i fab it to work on my xj ?
    The ride is the same as factory in my case. It's pretty much just the stock suspension with a spacer on top.

    Was wondering if you are happy with the 2" Rubicon Lift. I just got a 2005 Unlimited and want to lift it just a bit. Is the ride pretty close to factory? Basically I would like to have a more aggressive stance. Thanks

    Can you help me out a bit?

    I did the Carter/2100 swap and had it running great. The next item was the TFI upgrade the next day.

    That morning the jeep would not turn over, but I went ahead with the TFI upgrade:crazy:. After numerous tries and hookups, I finally had some common sense and found a blown fuse, which I am guessing caused it not to start prior to the TFI upgrade that morning.

    The final result is that my jeep won't start and it is blowing fuses without anything hooked up to the new ignition coil. How?

    1 - On the old ignition there were two wires going to the positive side and one wire to the negative side, but one of the positive side wires actually went into the bolt for the coil harness that kept it onto the block.

    2 - Currently, I have two wires coming out of the firewall since I removed the one wire from the positive side off the old coil. One is red and one is green. The red used to test positive and the green wire has never tested anything.
    i have a question for you? i am having trouble with my driver side window in my yj wrangler. the problem is when i go to roll my window up the regulator jumps off the peace that is connected to the window. i took the regulator out and tryed to fix it because it became bent i guess when i kept trying it. now it seams my window track is a little shaky i dont know if thats it or i need a new regulator could you shed some light on me thanks bobby.

    Read your article on the installation of a Rubicon Express 2' spacer coil kit. Very thorough! How is that kit working for you? What size tires would you recommend on that kit. Could it handle 33" (with winch weight)?
    I'm not really into making these - just not my thing, but I'll answer any questions you have about making your own.
    how you doing terry, my name is feras,, i have a 2003 wrangler and i need a rear seat,, do u think i can buy a seat with the suboofer in it,, any ideas where i get it?
    i live in santa barbara california what about you man?
    Steelheadz -
    I got the stein too, and I'm surprised how nice it is. I like to keep mine filled with Guiness
    I finally got my Jeepz.com Stein , Long sleeve shirt and Oval sticker. They're Awesome. I love using the Stein as a Coffee Mug. It fit's perfect on my Tassimo machine. Thank you..
    Hey Terry,
    I'm messaging you to see if you can delete my account. I have sold my jeep and probably won't be getting another for a long time. Thanks
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