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  • Hey Steelheadz,
    Again Just wanted to say thanks for all the help. Also, Noticed you have in your post's you are looking for gears. Try Got my axle bearings from them. GREAT Customer Service. Fairly reasonable prices and got the parts to me next day. They have live chat too.
    Thanks... Do have 1 or 2. 08 Liberty Limited 3.7 4x4. Heater/AC stoped pushing air,reguardless of setting. Cooling fan kicks on when I have on AC mode and fuses look good.Unless I missed one... I also can hear the movment of the ducts when I adjust the setting as to where I want the heat to come out at....??? Thanks
    hello steelheadz. I am having a problem with battery drain. starting at mux/t fuse in a 1998 grand cherokee. have old analog multimeter and older memory. what would i need for an ammeter to start diagnosing problem? Any help appreciated
    I am looking to buy a 79 CJ5 that doesn't have any doors or tops. I was wandering if it would look right if I cut the door opening bigger to put CJ7 doors on. I have a rough time getting into the Jeep, being a big guy and all. You seem to know alot about the Jeeps. So I thought I might ask. Get your opinion on it.
    Hey there...Nice rig as well btw...just a quick one....what r ur tires?? PitBull? I like the aggressive treads personally, by next season mine are done...gotta start looking!!
    hey this is andrew anthonys lil brother...just bought this 88 jy seems to have a few problems not sure if the choke works or not always have to hold it down under the hood to start it but arfter its warmed up there is no problems starting thinking there is a vac leak because there are loose hoses everywhere lol wondering if you have any tips on getting it to run like a top..???
    hey how r u doing ? got a ? for u i have a chance to get a dana 6o full floater and a dana 70 full floater front . they r in a kaiser m715 would these be a good swap for my cj and do they offer a locker for these axles?
    Ha mike
    Just bought a 89 yj and was looking around and saw a jeep on cardomain Called Armando's jeep yj and it has a top made in mexico do you know if you can get those types of tops her in the states
    hay mike,
    Just thought i would let you know i had my little girl yesterday at 8:17am and she was 21in tall and better get a few more shot guns and a big dog to keep the little boys away!! Well the jeep is in the same spot it was about two months ago still need the tires and labor money and she will be back on the road. Dont think it will be ready for hunting season however it should be done soon after
    Hi man i'v been working alot and getting ready for my little girl who will be her in seven weeks, so now i will be the father of two. Other than that still working on the MJ buying part by part all i need to do is get the money for the new tires and for the labor to put the trans in so i still need about $800. Hope to have it ready for hunting season, but its going slow its hard to believe its been down a year already. And you what have you been doing? anything new with your jeep? or life? hows the eye? anyway nice to here from you
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