1974 / 1977 CJ5 transmission / transfer case interchangeability


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I bought a 1974 CJ5 project jeep a while back, and subsequently acquired a 1977 CJ5 parts jeep. The ‘74 was in pretty decent condition, but had a lot of hacks made to it over the years. I’ve been slowly working on it to return it to somewhat original condition. Fortunately rust is not bad at all.

One thing that I discovered was that while sitting in the previous owner’s pasture, the rubber boot where the shifter enters the transmission decayed away, and when I changed the transmission and transfer case fluid a gallon or more of water came out with the old lubricant. I’m envisioning that the bearings, and perhaps some of the gears will be pitted.

My question is this - will the manual transmission and transfer case from the 1977 CJ5 (304V8) be a bolt in to my 1974 CJ5 (factory 6 cylinder with manual)? If so, I’m thinking that I may be better off do do a swap versus a rebuild.

Advice is welcome. Thanks much.

I'm glad you found the answer.
If you have a moment, post some photos of your Jeep, I'd love to check it out.
My first Jeep was a 1980 CJ5. It was so rusty that you could look through one quater panel and see out the other. 33s with a 3 inch body lift... It was a rolling death trap, but I loved it.
Here ya go.

Jeep 1.jpg

Jeep 2.jpg

Jeep 3.jpg

Jeep 4.jpg

Jeep on trailer.jpg

Engine compartment.jpg

Man, that thing is cool! I like the patina on it.
I like the matching trailer as well.