Transfer case AND transmission failure? for love of god...


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working with a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

[FONT=&quot]I will start with I have very limited mechanical knowledge or experience, but I am afraid that there are issues beyond what I am being told, and not sure what my options are going forward.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]My car started with being locked in 4WHD low.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]took it to the repair shop. ran all kinds of diag and testing. Came back saying the computer that sits under the driver side seat and controls the transfer case was dislodged and likely was damaged. We replaced this, hoping it would pop it out of 4WD Lo. Did not work.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]They did testing on the transmission, dropped the pan, etc...ruled no debris and that the transmission appeared that wasnt the issue[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]checked fluids, replaced some other minor parts to no avail. Finally I bit the bullet and ordered a certified repaired transfer case covered under my insurance policy. Part took forever to come in. When it did, apparently it was missing two components which we ordered separately. When all parts were in, we replaced the transfer case outright.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It still came back with one check code. the tech took it for a test drive, and it finally got out of 4wd lo. However after 10-15 minutes of driving the check light comes on for service 4wd...and the car will not shift through the 4wd cycles (sand mode, rock, 4wd, 4wd lo, etc). Then they say AFTER the test drive another check code came back transmission related.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]the tech called Jeep, as they believe everything was installed correctly and electrically the parts are working. AT this point he says Jeep is advising them to replace the entire transmission, as that is what is damaging the transfer case...which I was told IS NOW BROKEN AGAIN.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I do NOT understand how a certified repaired transfer case can be broken by the transmission after only a 4mi test drive.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Is this making sense to anyone? Any advice? The tech is basically at a loss at this point and completely out of their depth...relying on Jeep to tell them what's wrong ('working through the damage tree...if then if then if then). Seems like a nice repair shop, but at this point I am worried they are completely out of their league. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I'm not sure how having it locked in 4wd lo results in ~$10k in repairs!!! (1,800 for computer; 3k for transfer case...and another 3-4k for transmission).[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Please, and THANK YOU.[/FONT]

Kind of sounds like they are throwing parts at it.
Am I right in thinking that they installed a transfer case, then destroyed the transfer case when they did a test drive (i.e. you never had the Jeep)? Will they be covering the cost of the second replacement transfer case?
i would think they bought the t-case if they drove it around and it is broken now, also

Found this

:”…following the EXACT PROCEDURE for disengaging the 4WD Low system... being in Neutral with the engine running and ideally rolling slowly between 1-3 mph. As fate would have it, I was in my garage when I disconnected the battery for 45 minutes, and when I was subsequently following the owners manual steps, and put the jeep in neutral, it started rolling forward slowly due to the slope of the driveway... I pushed the 4WD Low button, waited a second or so while rolling and after a small clunk, all of the shift/interface conditions were met and the 4WD Low disengaged with the simple push of a button. I zipped around the block to see if I really got this lucky, and so far, all appears to be A OK….”

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Hey guys, new to the community and trying to pitch in where I can. I actually have a 2016 Grand Cherokee as well with 70k miles on it. It's got the 5.7 and 4x4 options on it. I actually had to get a replacement transmission for it at around 60k miles because my wife forgot to mention that the transmission was shuddering :)... Anyways, I replaced it with a used transmission for only like $1500 and it only had 51k miles on it at the time. So far it has done great. I bought it from here Remanufactured & Rebuilt 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions... Hope this information helps and if anything give you the option to save some money