wtb AC compressor for 99 jeep xj


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Hello all, Ive been a member for a while but this is only my second post.
Im looking for an AC compressor for my 99 jeep xj. The clutch will not engage and i was told it was bad. Of course you cant by just the clutch.
I guess it has to be off a 97-2000 to work.
Thanks for looking

That's it? the compressor is bad just because the clutch wouldn't engage?. Freon level?,Low pressure switch ok?, high pressure switch ok?
i have had the system charged x2. checked for leaks and nothing. Jumped the compressor strait to the battery to see if itll engage and it still dosnt. If you smack it with a wrench itll engage for a sec then (plunk) it disengages again. Had it checked and was told that the clutch has lost it magnatism. :???: Heres another head scratcher.... If you use the defrost it works fine, it cycles like it should. But still no cold air if you crank it over to cold. And its full. :cry: ANy ideas???
What happens when you jump the terminals on the low pressure switch?, does it cycle the compressor clutch?.

dont think ive tested it that way. What would it tell me? Ill check that in the morning. Ive never had a vehicle with a working AC:cry:
This one worked for a week then quit working.
Thoery: If the mechanic has told you that the compressor is bad due to lack of "magnetism",then why would it work on the defrost mode like normal?. To me , it's either broke or it's not. The clutch has a series of wound up coil thats insulated with a thin coat of clear insulation to keep the copper coil from shorting. when energized , it creates a magnetic field thus engaging the clutch surface to the metal face of the opposing side. It would also have a clamping diode in the circuit to prevent an exessive surge on the electrical system when the clutch is energized. If that clutch is in fact faulty, it shouldn't work at all even if you energize the circuit directly to the power source, however it does work on defrost?, that indicates a fault on the electrical circuit prior to the compressor. I've never seen or heard a symptom like this so im intrigued with the issue on this compressor. If the low or high pressure switch is faulty, it will cause the compressor clutch not to engage. If you jump the terminals across, it should switch the clutch on.
OK, just had the low pressure switch tested and its working fine. Evac'd the system and charged it again and the ac worked..... for about five min:evil: Then you could tap the clutch and it would grab for a few min till it cycled then it wouldnt grab again. Im back to squar one. Seems its the compressor.... :???: im open to any other idea's.


NOT if it worked with the defrosters in cold weather; that clutch dont know the outside temp! (for the record, the one in my 01 Cherokee does the same thing as yours; I never worried about it because I usually have the windows open anyway so rarely even use AC)
today it wasnt even working with the defrost. the electric fan would kick on but the comp would not engage. Now its just become a mission!

thanks again
When the system was evacuated, vacuumed and charged, did you monitor the high and low side to see if there is a possibility that your a/c system has a restriction?, It just doesn't make sense that it would work then it wouldn't.
Yea i dont know. I know my way around an engine but have no idea when it comes to ac. This is just ****ing me off at this point. I dont like having something not working. Just eats at me.
Sorry to hear that, but i simply am just trying to eliminate other causes for this issue. The symptoms just doesn't fit with a failed compressor if it works and doesn't. The compressor clutch engagement is controlled by several components: the heater-A/C mode control switch, the low pressure cycling clutch switch, the high pressure cut-off switch, the compressor clutch relay, and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) The PCM may delay compressor clutch engagement for up to thirty seconds.

well i found a place that will diagnose the problem for 95 bucks. Flat rate. of course that dosnt go towards the price of the repair but at least it will point me in the right direcion and keep me either from ripping out the entire unit or nickle and diming me to death. Ill let you know what they find out.

thanks agian for your time and help