Which of these bolts is stronger?


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I ordered a new trailer hitch for my wife's Toyota Highlander and it came with a new set of bolts. The factory bolts are stamped with an 11 and the new bolts are stamped with an 8.8.

I know there are differences in hardnesses between metric and SAE bolts, but my assumption is these would both be metric.

Should I continue to run the brand new 8.8 bolts or swap the factory? 11 in?



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Good to know thanks!

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Caution! That "11" mark is not a strength mark, it is a manufacturer's mark. The 8.8 is a metric strength mark.

Don't assume anything regarding the strength of the bolt with the 11.

Strength Mark Reference: https://henrysautowarehouse.com/bolt-head-grade-strength-identifiers/

Strength Table: https://henrysautowarehouse.com/bolt-head-grade-strength-identifiers/

That's what I've been missing. I knew that 10.9 is stronger than 8.8, but it seemed strange that they would mark this bolt with an 11.
I had never heard of a "manufacturer's mark" before. Does seem to make things needlessly confusing.