Siezed windshield bracket bolts


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I am in a jam. I ordered the windshield mounts for a pair of KC lights so I begain to remove the Torx bolts. Well 3 of the 4 came out with minimal trouble. However the fourth is posing to be a pain in the... neck?

Here is what I have done so far to remedy this situation...
I began by soaking it in PB Blaster and utilizing a brand new T40 to unscrew it. That didn’t work so I smashed it multiple times over with a hammer to break it free, that didn’t work. I then went over the outside edges of the bolt with a razor with hopes to break up the paint that is around it. That didn’t work as well. All of this was done over and over and over again for a period of an hour or so yesterday. Today I soaked it again with PB Blaster and went to purchase a Craftsman Impact Driver and 2.5lb sledge and tried that and yes, that didn't work either.

I know these bolts are really soft and are common to stripping but I NEED to get it out so I can install my mounts for my lights.

I don't have much in the line of tools :redface:. So anything I need I would probably have to purchase such as an easy out kit and drill bits.

The picture below is what it looks like after using the Impact Driver this afternoon. My concern with using anything hammer involved is that the metal from the bolt with anchor into the windshield bracket itself thus making it even more difficult to remove.

Thanks for the help in advance! I am trying desperately to not bring it to a mechanic.


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I had the same problem with my YJ just a month ago. After finally stripping three of the bolts and having no luck with an ez out kit, I gave up and had to drill them out. Not much advise I can give you, but good luck!
I had the same problem with my YJ just a month ago. After finally stripping three of the bolts and having no luck with an ez out kit, I gave up and had to drill them out. Not much advise I can give you, but good luck!

lol Thanks, I am trying to avoid drilling them out at all costs. I dont want to have to rethread the hole. I think I am going to try an ez out if I can't figure out anything else... Do you think the 2.5# sledge is to much and maybe should use a regular hammer? I trying to think of anything :cry:

heat it with small torch flame to red hot then immediately quench with wet rag, being careful not to burn surrounding panel. paint on the head is not the culprit it is the loc tite or rust on the threads. heat or drill bit are the easiest u should be able to find a new bolt.
U can try the heat but being the windshield bracket you have to be careful not to bubble all the surrounding paint! Try the ez out then drill if that don't work. Then replace with regular bolts so you don't have the same problem again later
u could try a dremel tool slot the head of the bolt like a flathead or phillips then usee an impact screw driver. i done this on other stuff b4 and its worked. and try to get some pb blaster behind them if u can but that may damage the paint. good luck i hope u get those out.

Yeah the dremel and flat head idea..... Although sound did not work when i tried it, all it did was frustrate me more. Go with the heat and an easy out.
If you start drilling slowly and carefully keeping the bit in the center if the bolt then stepping ip to a bigger bit you might get lucky and be able to peel out what's left of the bolt with out damaging the threads in the hole

If memory serves, I just drilled mine out, and when it came time to put it together, I just put a nut on the other side.
Also, for future dealings with frozen fasteners I highly recommend adding a hand/manual impact driver (designs vary) to your tool kit...


A good soak with Aero Kroil or PB Blaster and a few smacks with this works wonders.
Basically I enlisted the help of my neighbor (figured 2 heads are better than one) and we tried to use an extractor that I purchased at Home Depot and it broke off inside the bolt; just my luck:roll:. I tried to redrill it out but the bits I had weren’t cobalt so it was useless. So we basically tried to drill out the head which was a project. I know that typically this isn't a difficult task but this bolt was really being difficult. We used a combination of a chisel and a drill to free it up. Come to find out after we did get it free, it wasn't the thread that was locked up it looked to be the head itself...weird

Now I need to attempt the other side FML.
This time im using my impact driver.:D
One more trick for next time. Heat it up a little then melt paraffin wax into the threads. The wax wicks into the threads. Works 99% of the time.