my factory ac disassembled


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as you can tell, i pretty bored today. two picture heavy long threads in one day.

the ac was good on the jeep when i bought it but when i mounted a three plug power adapter to the bottom of the ac housing, i punctured my evaporator. (that is normally how i do stuff. bone heading around, i break stuff so during the repairs, i take lots of pics) i was pretty bummed so i didn't immediately fix it. i finally ordered another evaporator and started pulling the ac to replace the old one. (just to get to the point for people who bore easily, the one i bought was the wrong one. its for a wrangler with a 4.0, not a 4.2. the ac system is different, so if anyone with a 4.0 wrangler needs a new evaporator, i'll sell it cheap) the factory ac system is very very easy to work on and only has 5 wires hooking it to the jeep. well, four wires, four bolts, and two refrigerant lines. anyways, i'll narrate the pictures so it will be like a little story to follow along to.


if you have this type of compressor, you have the same system i have


this is the beginning and ending pic. i forgot to take a starting photo so you'll see this exact one again. if you guys are bumming around the junkyard and see one of these in a junkyard wrangler, grab it. it is held on by four little sheet metal screw in the front and the motor sits on a little piece on the back. get that piece when you pull the ac out



these are the wires to the system. two go to the fuse box, two are back above the motor and are accessible when you drop the unit, and one ground is attached under the farthest left mounting bolt. the two to the fuse box only fit certain slots so you don't have to mark them. the other two are not interchangeable either so don't worry about them either.


my naked jeep dash. it looks funny with no ac unit hanging there because mine and my wife's both had factory ac and i have never seen a yj in person that didn't have factory ac.


ac on the work bench (hardtop)


backside shot


this little piece needs to stay with your unit. the newer style systems don't use this on the evaporator anymore. i am guessing it uses that little clip on piece to measure the temp of the exiting gases and adjusts the opening with the bellows looking valve?


if its a factory system, i imagine it will have a similar sticker on the top of the system. this one said 144 on the weight line and 10/87 on the date line. since my wrangler is indeed an 87 model, that thing has been hanging on for a long time.



after about 20 or 25 screws (it seems like, probably was only 15 or 18 in reality) the top piece will be able to be pulled of the housing. it has some sealant on it that will require you to undo but it popped free with just a screw driver when i couldn't pull it off with my fingers. you can see how easily set up this unit is. no wonder it lasted for 24 years with no problems other then an owner induced one.


here is the old core next to the bubble wrapped new one. the fitting were totally different but i tried sitting it in in hopes of some miracle letting the refrigerant lines hook back up. it was no-go :(



the new core sat right in so i was able to close the unit up but since it wasn't going to fit hte lines, i closed the housing up with no core in it at all.



these are the little screws that actually hold the core in place. make sure they go in straight or you will never get those suckers all the way down.


this is the fittings on the new core. my old core has the convex brass ones with no o-rings


after you put all the screws back in and lay the unit back in your jeep and put the four screws and five wires back on, you will be back to this look