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I'm a minimalist not sure if this is the right spot to post but Ima jump right in and ask:

What I own and love: 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport Soft top

Issue 1:Change from Soft top to a hardtop

Why? 4 break ins, 2 in the last month. It's too noisy - I don't even like to talk to my passengers because it's too stressful and I hate repeating myself.

Advice Please: Is there any design engineering issues preventing me from switching? What's the most cost effective? Who does the install?

Issue 2:

Locks are possessed - Lock vehicle with keyless or manually, it doesn't matter, when I walk a few steps away it unlocks itself. I look back like my Jeep is possessed. This could happen ten times, then not happen at all. No rhyme or reason to when it does and doesn't work.

Advice Please: Is there something I can do to fix this? I don't own a lot of tools, but I can read and like to do things myself.  I know my limits and do value my time as money, so what's the fix for this?

Issue 3:Cracked Windshield - Caused by being outside in the heat - Jeep refused to acknowledge or fix it even though there is no point of contact from either side of the windshield. horizontal hairline fracture that extends from the passenger side almost to driver's.

Advice Please: most cost effective fix that isn't janky?

Issue 4: Stereo system not working - radio used to cut out on it's own then would come on when it felt like it - the lights are working displaying time, etc - don't know if it's an electrical issue. It's a radio/CD sound system

Advise please:  Most cost effective fix? Thanks for listening and for advice just identify the # you are giving advice on with response.

Changing from a soft top to hard shouldn't be difficult, and this is the right time of year to buy them. I'd budget $1000 to 1500. This isn't normally something you'd hire someone to do, as removing and the hardtop is designed to be something an owner can do. I will say that they are heavy though.

Locks- I don't have automatic locks on my Jeep, so I'm just guessing here. Can you unplug one of your doors and see if it still happens? I'd guess that there is one door that is malfunctioning, and it would help to isolate the problem maker.

Cracked windshield - just have it replaced. No way around it. I'm not sure that I believe that the heat cracked it, so I'm kind of on Jeep's side on this one.

Radio - just replace it with a nicer model. You can do it, or have a local shop do it. Get a nice one with bluetooth.
Top- you could do with a extra hand or hard top lift.
Doors as noted check connector plugs and key fob battery and function. Stuck button..
Check your auto battery and ground. Weak battery or poor grounds do weird things. Might be linked to radio issues.

Your skinny jeans may be hitting the button.
Windshields. Insurances sometimes cover for free.

Radio check power and grounds. Did it get wet or rained upon?

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