Leaking power steering box


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Does this power steering box look like it's leaking to you guys? I'm not sure at what point a steering box leak becomes bad enough to pay attention to. The fluid level is still fine and it looks like this is a pretty small leak.

Should I replace this with a stock steering box or is there a cheap upgrade? Or is this factory steering box worth rebuilding ? I'm running 33x12.5 tires.


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Idk. Id first clean it off with brake cleaner. And see how long before it returns. Also be sure it is not a drip from above.
Consider just replacing output shaft seal.

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The mystery unfolds.

I had originally thought the power steering pump was bad because when backing up out of my driveway there was a dark puddle on the driver side of the vehicle. Well the same thing happened today and I looked a bit closer. It smells like gear lube and I can see this on my rear tire




That makes me think the axle seal in my Ford 8.8 rear end has gone. If memory serves, I'm going to have to open up the differential. Remove the c-clamps and pull the axle.

Does that sound right to you guys? Also, is there any other maintenance I should do since I'll be that far into the axle?

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Replace inner and outer seals.
Check axels for wear and scoring.

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