Fixing my EVAP leak with a smoke machine.


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For the better part of a year now, I've had a check engine light on. The code referenced a minor leak in my EVAP system. I hunted around but never could track it down.

I finally decided to get serious and purchased a smoke tester off Amazon.

AutoLine Pro Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector EVAP Vacuum Diagnostics Tester | Economy Series

This thing is awesome! You pour in some magic smoke juice, and hook it to your car battery and out comes the smoke. I plugged it into an evap line and within a minute I had isolated the problem. The leak ended up being in my cheap fix to broken evap gas tank lines.

I wish I'd bought this tool years ago. A smoke test is not something you need to go to a shop for - it only ran me $75, and I own the tool now.


It's hard to get a picture of smoke, but you can see a whiff of it here



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Cool! Great reference post. Where did you port the smoke in?

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Cool! Great reference post. Where did you port the smoke in?
There are two lines going from my gas tank to the engine compartment I pulled one off, and plugged my smoke machine in so that the smoke would blow back towards the gas tank.
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