Installing a Wrangler steering stabilizer


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Replacing the steering stabilizer on your Jeep Wrangler is a pretty straight forward process, and a great way to get your feet wet if you're new to working on Jeeps. The purpose of a stabilizer is to absorb vibrations from the front tires and road without passing them up the steering wheel to you. The stabilizer itself is really just a shock that is mounted horizontally, one end attached to the front axle, and the other end attached to your steering system (via the draglink). Replacing it is just a matter of unbolting the stock one and bolting up the new one.

For this install I choose a Rubicon Express steering stabilizer for no other reason than it's color. It seems like manufacturers only want to make these things in yellow or red - colors that don't look so good on my Green TJ. Rubicon Express is respected company, and since I'm already running their shocks, I figured that everything would match.

I installed this on my 2005 Wrangler TJ SE
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Step 1 - Removing the existing stabilizer

The steering stabilizer is held on by a nut and bolt on the axle side, and a nut and bolt that is pressed in on the steering side. This is what a normal stabilizer looks like:



To start, remove the nut and bolt that keep the axle side of the stabilizer mounted.


Next, remove the cotter pin (if installed) from the steering side




Once the pin is out, you can take the nut off with a standard socket set.


The give the bolt a tap or two with a hammer and it should pop out. No need to bash it like Thor's hammer, just smack it a few times and it should pop out.

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Step 2 - Installing the new stabilizer

Here are the items included with my new Rubicon Express stabilizer.


I don't know if the new stabilizer will function any better than the old one, but is sure does look better.


Now, to start setting up the new stabilizer. You'll need to press the metal sleeve into the axle (smaller side) of the stabilizer. I squirted a little silicon spray on before inserting it, but you could use water in a pinch.


Here is what it looks like assembled and finger tightened.


I started mounting the new stabilizer by installing the steering side. The only thing you need to do here is fit it in place then loosely bolt it down.



Pushing the axle side in is probably the most difficult part of the install. It took me a little work to get this side of the stabilizer mounted, but I was eventually able to do it. The problem was that the housing on each side of the stabilizer was pressed down tightly, and I couldn't get my bushing in there. I eventually used some pliers to open up the bracket a bit.



You're done. You should now go back and tighten everything down before going for a test drive.
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Does it matter which way the stablizer is placed? Either having the fixed side of the stabilizer connected to the axe or vice versa.

I don't think it matters to the stabilizer, but you'll want to make sure you have plenty of clearance. I'd leave it in the stock position unless you have a reason.
Hey this stuff is so great and helpful. Love the pictures and easy to understand instructions. You could out do Chilton any day.
Thanks for this post. I just replace the unit on my 2005 Wrangler. I had the same issue with getting the bushing into the bracket on the passenger side of the stabilizer. I had a simple quick fix. I used a grinding wheel to sand down the rubber bushing by an 1/8th inch or so on each side. Worked like a charm.