I am all alone!

the wrangle is not, I am in the process of stroking the engine from a 4.0l to 4.8l.
The engine is together but having problems with the push rods, I think the person that own it before me had the head worked on and they shaved it .10". So the push rods I got with the stroker kit are to long. Now I will have to wait on parts again.
Just another head ack.


Come on is anybody out there?

I live in Wichita Kansas.


There is a few of us here in Wichita that do wheel!

I am in the process of getting one of my Jeep's ready to run for a little road trip to Disney before we head to Moab next year. It will be after the 1st of the year before the Jeep is ready to go, but it will happen very soon. Give me a shout when you get back to Wichita.

I also do a little work on the side from my day job with my off-road business, so if there is anything you need help with, just let me know.


Why Not (Chris)

I would enjoy Moab but I'm pretty new to the off road scene. Do you know any good EASY trails near us? I'm pretty busy this weekend but I'll try to stop by your shop sometime. Thanks!