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  • Here is the thing, I can easily email it to you, but I cant post it in this reply (I don't know how or if it is possible) if you don't feel like handing out your email address then tell me and I will post it into your welcome thread. I don't think that your email address is visible to any one except the moderators and Terry.

    If you do decide to send me your email address then you should do it as a private message because considering you have been a member what 4 days and you have already had 200 page views I think you may have some secret admirers here.

    Hey! Hope all is well & your not too bored!!
    I was scrolling for your avatar pic...I have no patience for that many Was wondering if you could please email it to me? I tried copying it from your profile.....didn't work??!!
    Thanks & Take Care!
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