A cheap deck for your Jeep


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I saw an add on Ebay for a rear cover for Wranglers, that would cover our valuables. Instead of paying the $75, I decided to build my own for my CJ, and possible make some improvementsm. Click on the picture for a larger image

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Step 1

I bought a piece of 3/4 inch plywood from Sears Hardware ($7)


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Step 3

Now you need to cut out notches to make room for the tailgate. Cut off a a 3" square on both corners of one side


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Step 4

If you want, you can cut speaker holes.


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Step 5

Staple some carpet to it. I used outdoor carpet, which you can buy by the foot


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Step 6

Put latches on (I used the same type that come on foot chests). This allows you to snap your deck in and out, and will secure your valuables


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Step 6

Now you can hide your Junk!


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I was going to do something simular to this too. But I have aluminum diamond floor plate to build a lockable tool box. Then place a removable pc of plywood with indoor/outdoor carpet for a platform for my dog Stupid to come with me.

Well that explains the three small holes that are drilled on the rear wheel wells on each side,i had a feeling thats what the prev.owner had done. Anyway i kinda liked the way yours turned out i may put it back that way...thanks
Thanks. It's a good way to keep casual thieves out of your stuff (it won't stop anyone serious though).
I did the same thing with my jeep, but then I went a step further. Folded the back seat up into the collapsed position,and ran the ply wood from the seat to the tailgate.It gave me about 3 feet of lockable storage space. I wanted it strong enough to support camping gear or a person. Got some angle iron from a bed frame and bolted that to the bottom of the plywood. notched out about 4"from each end of the angle iron so as to rest on the wheel well and bolted it down to the wheel well. I used 2 pieces of angle iron about a foot apart to support the plywood and go from wheel well to wheel well. works well,and dosnt take long to take it out or install it.

gennybro - happen to have any photos of that?
No I havent,but I can get some taken sometime this week and send them to you. I also have a good idea concerning marker lights for jeeps with oversize tires,folks that see mine,like the idea. I just got this computor,and still have to figure out how to send pictures to you.
Thanks. You can either post them here (hit "go advanced (upload photos)" then look towards the bottom), or you can email them to me at webmater at jeepz

Good thinking ,got any good ideas for wrap around roof racks ,i want to sleep on top of the wrangler and want it strong ,the hard top is never coming off ever ,thanks and have fun
I like that idea, I like how your tail gate swings down instead of out like mine. did you do that or was it like that? Mine that swings out is kinda sagging where I have to lift it abit to close it.
Ive done the same thing except... It goes across the rollbars at the windshield, and is held in place by four large cable ties. I have radio equipment mounted to it with fender washers on the topside,,,

Thats a great idea. And very easy. I love your saw horses Terry, they look like mine.. Lol :)