YJ Flares on a CJ


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For some time I had been envious of the larger looking flares on YJs. The CJ rear fender flares look good with stock size tires, but look alittle goofy with oversized tires. I decided to try on some YJ rear fender flares to see if they fit, and it turns out that they do.

YJ rear fender flares will bolt directly onto a CJ. While this "upgrade" won't give you any more clearance (the body of the jeep isn't trimmed at all), in my opinion it looks better.
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Step 1

Here's what my stock rear fender flares look like, It appeared that the wheels were cramped inside the small round flares


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Step 2

All you need to get the flares off (and on again) is a standard hex bit, I used a drill because it is a lot easier


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Step 3

Just unscrew the bolts, and get the flare off, then use the old flare a a guide and drill matching holes in the new YJ flare


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Step 4

Here's what the Jeep looks like without any flares


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Step 5

Just screw the new flare on. Although the fenders aren't trimmed at all it looks like the wheel has a lot more space, and seems to have a more up to date appearance.


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What about tj flares on a cj? The front is where the problem is. Anybody ever done it?
They sure look better than the originals. That is what I like about Jeeps, you can swap so many parts from year to year.... Model to model!
You just unscrew the old ones and screw the new ones on??? Thats it?? no trimming?? I may have to do this to mine.. thx