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Just thought I would say HEY from Staten Island n.y. ! I am not the off roader you guys ( and girls ) are , but my 1992 jeep cherokee XJ 4.0 H.O. Is my third four wheel drive since licensed so I thought I should join a real forum and help out with my experiences keeping my daily driver roadworthy . My first 4wd was a '78 jeep cherokee 2 dr. 360 2 bbl. top loader 4 spd. (T-18A ?) Dana 20 transfer case , and which ever Dana's front and rear . 44 & 30 ? Too long ago . Wrenched on it quite a bit maintenance wise but did use it upstate n.y. In the woods several years . Right tires , it was a great rig . Laughed at snow.
Had to sell her due to finances at time . Regret it to this day . Second rig was a 78 Chevy blazer like chief Brody had in The first jaws movie . Rotted away despite my best attempts to keep her running mechanically . Was a 350 four bbl. auto w/ full - time gas eater . Was fun , but I am so very happy with my jeep now ! Always wished I could find the premier CJ5 , but never happened . All the smart people hold on to them FOREVER . Well , I adventure mechanically with my 92 as best I can and hope to keep her from an early demise from metallic cancer . Will,try POR 15 or something , but always got something else to fix too .
Well , hope to be helpful with my experiences , will try to check in as I can ! Really great to know there is support out there !
Thanks all ! Keep on truck in' !!!!!

Welcome to Jeepz.com. I live in Virginia, near the beach, and learned a while ago that POR15 is your friend.
Thank you Terry ! I am so very happy to be a member of your forum with members who share their thoughts and adventures in this great sport with great machines ! Although I have learned a lot through my own experience wrenching and driving , I welcome all member contributions and seek to share my own too . Thank you once again and look forward to a great sharing experience with all ! Thank you , Greg .
You're in the right place, there are plenty guys who know there stuff here (then there are the rest of us) :p

Thanks again for your warm welcome :welcome: it's good to know I can talk to people who understand what it means to do what we do ; work on our own vehicles for our benefit and not have to explain to someone why not take your car to the quick lube for an oil change .
At least we get it and they only do when they get the bill . Hope to help out with what I have learned up to now with my experience and if I ever get stuck on a repair or upgrade , I can ask our people for their advice . I know this forum is much more than that so I guess I will learn what it is all about too . Appreciate the creation of this forum and look forward to all and will check in soonest . Thanks again and safe wheeling :cool: