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I don't know if everyone feels the way I do anytime I have liberated a part from a jeep to go on in service to mine , but I feel sorry for the previous owner that they made the decision to part with their vehicle . Whether it was because of practicality or money , their jeep ended up in the boneyard and paid the ultimate sacrifice and ended up in the great jeep heaven in the sky . While that helps us to go on to by newer jeeps and replacement parts , jeeps are special and I wish they could go on living forever . Ever since my first appreciation for jeeps with the Willys MB and GPW , then on to the M38a1 , I've found my biggest appreciation for my biggest hero , the CJ5 . Maybe jeeps have come a long way in terms of improvement and integrity , but we will always respect where the jeep came from , why and out of necessity , were they found and how every jeep has , and continues to serve its owner and operator proudly to accomplish its task or mission . There were times I thought I should move on to something newer , but I have come to respect how my '92 rolled of the assembly line . I have learned over the years that it was built to be serviced and stay in service , not to be thrown away like some cheap commuter yuppie box built to be emissions compliant and make big brother happy that the consumer will someday need a replacement and keep the auto industry alive and the country supposedly thriving . If maintenance free and replace not repair is the way of the future , I fear for the future of our beloved jeep . I detest the thought of a throw away vehicle and cherish my jeep and aim to live on and serve well . I'm sure many , if not all four by four owners may feel the same , but ever since the term SUV was applied to our pride and joy(s) , the respect many outside of our circle of appreciation for the jeep has become distant from where jeeps have made America what it is today . I never personally realized this until I thought back to the late '90s when I saw a large section of xj's in a local recycler . After that , in 2001 , I inherited my '92 from dad . He since has driven a pathfinder , several ZJ's and still owns two of them .
Whatever we own , I feel we have a duty to keep 'em running . I never wanted to see the fore fathers of the jeep name (mb & GPW ) fade away . I have always held a special place for the CJ5 to last forever as well . I think anyone who sells jeeps who appreciates them hope you will feel you are part of a family too . Two summers ago , I needed an a/c part to fix mine . The '95 XJ I got the part from looked externally better than mine . Before I laid a wrench on it , I went back to the office to ask the futile question " could I buy that jeep ? " the answer was no . I just hated that knowing after I took from it what I needed it would receive its sentence soon . Just wasn't right . Anyone in this forum would clearly see the potential to rebuild the excellent body .
I cannot believe the former owner just cast it away like that . I was told it was junked because of either engine or trans ? Maybe a miss shifted t-case while rolling ? Don't know . But that was NO excuse to abandon it ! Let us NEVER. Give up on our jeep . If we trash the body beyond redemption , as it is seemed we are in the business for , although no one pre determines or pre meditates the demise of , we will make the donor parts live on to breathe new life into another jeep once again to make its owner happy and carry on the name , JEEP ! LONG LIVE THE JEEP ! Greg92jeepxj .
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Man, I'll have to give you have a bonafide Jeep stiffie. That's cool, it is a sickness that can't be helped. I realize that Jeeps have to be parted out to keep the rest on the road. You can't save 'em all. The one I drive everyday wasn't worth saving. It had a rusted and broken frame, the body was awful ( still aint great) it leaked every fluid it had. Without some parts and someone who really wanted a challenge it would have been crushed. They made alot of CJ's actually if you count all the aftermarket parts (there's a ton!) they're still making 'em. You can build one from a catalog, so I wouldn't worry so much. They'll be around for a while yet.
Thank you sir ! I feel so much better to hear that from a true four wheeler as around here ,they might as well be trailer queens ! Heaven forbid one Knicks its clear coat ! OUCH ! I guess it's not only the jeep I respect but the driver who really uses his(or her) jeep for its true intent . Up here , all I see is for show . Sometimes I see someone who put some money into a TJ , YJ , ZJ or anything else that attracts the ladies . Some of them actually go off road ! There's clubs here , bit not like you guys got .
I'll get on the job and somehow and cure this lust for a CJ5 somehow. Just want to see more people up here treat a jeep with more respect and not throw them away just because they don't want to put money into them . Gets me mad too . Sorry about your jeep , but I guess we can say you got every dime out of it ! Now that's who deserves to drive a jeep !!!!!!!!!
Jeep stiffie ! LOL ! I fear for my retirement years , will start a jeep farm ? Corner the market on old jeep? Better get a bigger back yard ! What can I say , the first time I sat in a jeep , I wanted to run off with it . Gotta love 'em !

Wait a minute, you misunderstood me. I fixed it, I drive it daily. It is rough around the edges but very capable. It does have quite a bit of new metal ,patch pannels and several pounds of welding wire but thats ok with me.
Im restoring 2 CJ5s if that makes you feel better. meanwhile my lincoln is falling apart and both my lawnmowers have bitten the dust. I AM throwing them away lol!
Im restoring 2 CJ5s if that makes you feel better. meanwhile my lincoln is falling apart and both my lawnmowers have bitten the dust. I AM throwing them away lol!

Thank God for jeeps and thank God even more for their drivers ! Don't worry too much for the law mowers, you got a jeep to bring home replacements with ! LOL ! Kind of feel bad about the Lincoln , but that just means your doing right by keeping up with your best love , YOUR JEEPS ! Glad to hear too that you got another one to keep it company so it don't get lonely !
Wow ! Two jeeps ! Your my hero ! Doing your part to keep America strong , one jeep at a time ! Well, wishing you luck in your restorations and looking forward to posts in the future with gleaming pic's of your pride and joys ! My best regards , Greg92jeepxj.

P.S. - I envy anyone who's got their choice of jeeps ! Ain't that America !
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Wait a minute, you misunderstood me. I fixed it, I drive it daily. It is rough around the edges but very capable. It does have quite a bit of new metal ,patch pannels and several pounds of welding wire but thats ok with me.

My deepest apologies to you and to your jeep ! (Red face ) I read the post reply again and yes , still driving your jeep ! I'm proud of anyone who makes it their business to keep running what they believe in . I did that with an '83 pontiac G.P. once , I will do it again with my '92xj . Will try to keep it from an early retirement as long as I can ! My dad wanted me to sell it and he wanted me to take over a '98 zj , not when I had already so much work into the '92 I wasn't ! They kept the 98' and my younger brother flipped it ! On the street ! That's no way to finish a jeep , if its going to go out in style , let it happen in the dirt ! They didn't even give me a chance to pull the rear disc set up for my XJ ! I would have been cruizin' with 4 wheel disc ! Ah , next time .
Whatever it takes , we will keep them running , our heart is in it . You put these pretty boys up here to shame , they take the easy way out and donate it and buy a new one ! If there is nothing left and no hope , granted . But if you can fix it , you can drive ! I have the same motto as you , I'm proud to say that to . Thanks for the retraction and sorry for the mix up . Thanks again as always and best regards too , Greg92jeepxj