Wife's new wrangler


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My wife got another silver four door wrangler. Her last one was the 07. We do still have the 03 silver tj so apparently we like silver, ha ha ha

Anyways, its got the turbo alfa romeo engine and hybrid set up. Its an impressively quick set up and gets awesome (for a jeep) gas mileage.

Its a 2019 with 36k miles and she got it for 25k.

I can't attach pics so i geuss i wont be able to show yall. Says pics are to large, which is odd since they load on the other forums

Try opening the pics in a photo editor or viewer and then re-saving the pics and select reduce size before posting. There is little need for a pic posted to a forum to be larger than 200KB, yet many phones are taking shots at 6MB or more...the larger photos slow things down and therefore are blocked by many forums.
superj, you can upload pics with the tapatalk app (download tapatalk from the play or itunes store).

If that's not your jam, email the pics to webmaster at jeepz and I'll attach them to this thread.

I'm interested to see what your new rig looks like.
i emailed them. i had tapatalk along time ago with another forum but always had problems with it so i never have downloaded it again.

and it probably is the phone taking pics at huge sizes. no idea why they are set that way since it eats up so much storage space. i normally have mine set to smaller size but maybe on the last phone update, it changed it back

Here you go!


dude, i was so impressed when i saw that. i am ok driving it all over hte place with that gas mileage
That's amazing! I thought I was doing good at 17mpg with my 2 door 2010 JK that the window sticker said should be 15mpg.
My TJ get 13 mph, on the street the freeway, offroad, even falling off a cliff. At least the distance planning process is made easier!!
yeah, our tj gets about that too. well, when i drove it. if my son drove it, it got like 9 since he always wants to drive at 90 everywhere. i told him you have to drive at 65-72 if you want good mileage in a tj. 65 is best but you will get run over by grandma if you are doing 65mph on the highway here in south texas. and you better stay on the feeder road if you want to do 65mph on 20, northwest of san antonio since the posted speed limit is 80 there

My best in 05 Tj unlimited before they reflashed it was 21.5 mpg hi-way and 19 around town.
Now 15-16 mpg hi-way and 14-15 around town.

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