Steering Damper


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I have a 99 wrangler with a bad shake at 55mph plus and have been told several times it needs a steering damper. Is this something I should even attemp to do myself (rookie mechanic) if not, does anyone know a good affordable mechanic in the knoxville area?
Thanks guys!

Most of the time replacing the steering stabilizer just hides the real problem. Tie rod ends, ball joints and such. But hey, if it solves your problem that's great!
yeah it could be anything. I'll try it and if it doesn't fix it I'll be back with more questions. Thanks again
If it does fix it it will be temporary. They only hide problems. I don't even run one and no death wobble.

Well I don't want to mask it. The jeep hat 200k miles on it and I want to keep it going. I have been reading a little about tie rod ends. Any good way to check and see if these are worn. If it helps, the shake ONLY happens if I hit a bump at high speeds and then stops when I slow down.
Thanks again!
Grab the tie rod and drag link and see if you can shake them. Get someone to turn the steering wheel back and forth and see if you see anything popping. Track bar bushings and the tie rod end on the body mount of factory track bars are bad about wearing out and causing bump steer. Jack up on tire at a time and see if it will wobble, up down and side to side. Up and down would indicate ball joints and or bearings.