2006 commander reset or bypass anti theft module

Hi everyone hope to get help

Just recently purchased 06 commander 4.7.
It was running fine no problems test drove it ran good clean inside 140 thousand miles..now here's where it goes wacky. I noticed/ he keyfob wasn't working, assumed a dead battery opened keyfob no battery but entire inside full of battery
Corrosion so took a brush and achaol and tried to clean best I could. Put new battery in went outside to test it.the door lock and unlock. Thought great.got in started it up .ran 20 or so seconds and died, try restarting same thing after the 3rd attempt would not do anything.
Got manual out and decided it went into the anti theft mode and lock me out. First time experiencing this problem
Well decided to check and make sure I had the correct battery in the keyfob and after opening it back up parts fell out and basically rendered the keyfob useless except for the key. And of course only received 1 key with purchase.
So got on the internet and look for ways to reset the system there were many different ways to try this .attempted all with no success.
Called locksmith to come out to reset and program a new key. He couldn't get it to work either. He said computer responded couldnt recognize key. So again no luck went and had it towed to dealership and Figured I'd have my jeep back soon..

Well now I'm in another delima. Dealership contacts me and says that couldn't reset it either and I must have a bad module cause it won't recognize a key either. And the dealership said there wasn't a new module available at this time and would be over 500 dollars not counting Labor plus another 450 to get me a new key and program. So we're looking at more than a thousand dollars, because I put in a new battery into a keyfob. I will have to say this is ridiculous Sao even if I let the dealership order and replace everything I'm still going to be a couple months before I will have it back .I haven't even got plates on it and already got it insured. So I'm not a happy camper. Needless to say..

I have a 99 Cherokee for 12 years with nothing but regular up keep. Still running good. Purchased the commander as it seem like it would be a great for pulling a boat.

So can anyone help me out here there's has to be another option than letting the dealership fix it..there going to be charging me almost what I paid for it. There has to be away to by pass the anti theft system to get this jeep back on the road. The jeep runs just fine. The computer system is or seems to be the problem. I'm disabled and living on a fixed income. So just throwing.money out to the dealership and not only there can't guarantee me that's going to fix the problem.
Talk about a mess any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. It just doesn't seem like it should be this much trouble to start a viecheal. On another note I forgot to mention that before the keyfob fell completely apart I was able to press the unlock button 5 times and it would start up on its own. But once you turned it off it would go right back into lock down mode the next time trying to start it.
So something is working right on the jeep but really am lost at this point.

Thanks for taking the time out for just reading my delima. Have a great day and stay safe.
Thank you

Well folks a quick update I told the dealership not to do anything with it and I'm towing it back home was hoping to get some ideas on what to do. The mechanic at the dealership said he needs to order a new wcm module and he said that should fix it. And I ask cost and je quoted all together around 1500.00 and maybe at the end of January. I know that's must be a joke. But that's was his answer I said why can't we just reset it I said someone said to get one of ebay and take it to him to be flashed I presume that ment program. He said he didn't have the proper equipment to do that with an aftermarket product. I really felt like he dosen't have a clue . So what left. How can I get it reset so I can get it back on the road. There has to be a way to bypass this and get this big boy going. So I don't care about having a anti theft system on a 2006 nobody going to steal it. So help would be appreciated. It's strange no reply I can't be the only one that's had this issue or maybe just posted in the wrong forum . I'm not all that computer savvy.