1. G

    Key fob sensor

    Hello out there. I have a question that may have already been asked, but l just don't have the time to wade through all the posts looking for the answer. My question is ... where is the key fob signal receiver located on my 01 Grand limited (Uplander)??? Have an extra fob from my 02 overland...
  2. D

    Electrical issues

    Hello, I have a 93 xj 4.0 just replaced the battery I am showing a 4.1 amp draw between the neg. post and the neg. cable with key off. Is that an excessive amount. thanks for any help offered.
  3. T

    2000 Cherokee Classic

    Battery died on me during a cold spell. When I try to jump it or swap out the battery, the antitheft alarm horn is just blaring. Bought her used and don't know if the antitheft system is OEM or after market. The 2000 Cherokee does not have a key fob as the Grand Cherokee of the same year did...
  4. TerryMason

    Tried seafoam on my wife's SUV

    My wife has a GMC Acadia, and it was in need of a tune up. I did plugs, coils, and decided to try (for my first time) seafoam. I read the instructions on the can -keep the RPMs at 2000 and spray it into the intake, then let things soak for 15 minutes. Start it up and drive like you stole it...
  5. K

    2006 commander reset or bypass anti theft module

    Hi everyone hope to get help Just recently purchased 06 commander 4.7. It was running fine no problems test drove it ran good clean inside 140 thousand here's where it goes wacky. I noticed/ he keyfob wasn't working, assumed a dead battery opened keyfob no battery but entire inside...
  6. K

    2015 JKU Key fob won't lock/unlock doors

    So I have a weird issue. The key that has been in the ignition will not lock doors or unlock. The spare key will work fine. We changed batteries in both fobs and disconnected the battery to reset. The only other thing is it usually says that the key is in ignition even when its been removed...
  7. J

    Harmonic Balancer Woodruff Key - 4.2 Crank

    So this seems incredibly stupid but maybe I'm not the only one to find this out. I'm building a 4.6 stroker using an early 4.2 crank in my '98 4.0 block. The crank was machined several years back for another project and sat on a shelf until I started this build about a year ago. Somewhere along...
  8. K

    replace ignition switch

    Is it easy to replace an ignition switch on a 91 Renegade?