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Wish I was done with my well so I could relax for the winter. Finally got rid of the majority of my old projects. Now I need to sell something so I can afford a shop to work in this winter.

Wish I could afford to buy something, but this transmission drained my jeep fund. Lol
Had even less fun this year. Had a landslide take access to our cabin and it's costing the small community $500,000+ to put a bridge in. Microburst tore the carport off our mobile home and turned it into a sail. Lifted one side a foot off the ground before it tore loose and knocked me on my ass. The fridge nearly fell over onto me and a window was torn loose from the wall, allowing a blast of that 75 mph wind to blow everything around inside and nearly puncture my eardrums, setting off vertigo that I am still fighting. My wife has been on FMLA sick since march and may not have a job to go back to. More of what we didn't need. :(