Installing a Tierod


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My Jeep was not properly aligned, and would pull constantly to the right. I noticed that my tie rod was bent and saw this as an opportunity to straighten out my Jeep

What exactly is a Tie Rod?:

A Tie rod basically connects the two front tires, keeping the vehicle properly aligned

About $35.00 for the tie rod, and $55.00 for the alignment
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Step 1

This is really a basic install, you just have to take off both ends, and replace with a new tie rod. Below is a shot of the stock tie rod from my CJ7 - you can't tell here, but it's pretty bent.


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Step 2

The first part of the process is taking off your steering stabilizer. Just unbolt both ends


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Step 3

Pull the cotter pin from the end nearest the passenger wheel, and unbolt that end of the tie rod. You may have to tap that end out with a hammer, but it will come out eventually.


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step 4

Unscrew the threaded end (remember to count the number of turns that it takes to take the tie rod off) and separate that end.


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Step 5

Now, screw the threaded end of the new rod into place, using the same number of turns that you took the original one off. Put the other end into place, bolt up, and replace the cotter pin.

Now, just head down to the local tire shop and have your Jeep aligned - it's going to be out of whack and will chew up your tires if you don't.


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All Done

You sure can tell the difference between the new and old tie rods! A bent tie rod will cause your jeep to pull in one direction, and will reduce the life of your tire. As you can see here, replacing them is pretty easy.


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Great article. I replaced the stock steering with a JCR one ton. Faitly simple to do with excellent results. We have one trail in Colorado - Chinaman's Gulch near Buena Vista (Pronounced Byuna here) that is well-known for chewing up and spitting out tie-rod ends...