How to install Rock Sliders on a Jeep Wrangler

Hi I'm trying to put my rock sliders on my jeep first off I've broke a body mount bolt. Any sujestions as to how to get the bolt out and the other do u have to take all the body mount bolts out they say only 3 but I can't get the rubber selves out? Thanks

You'll need to loosen all the body mounts on each side enough to wedge the rock sliders in. You can see from the article that I had to pull the body mounts and remove a 1/4 inch to get the new sliders to fit.

As to the broken mount - what part broke, the bolt head, or the nut holding it (so that it spins freely?)

Use PB blaster, or another penetrator for a week or so before starting the job.
Thanks I got them all off thanks to pb blaster still have to get the one out I'm going to weld a nut on it and take it off that way. We'll it sounds like it will work thanks

Re: Removing the fender flares

I'm about to install rock sliders and reading the instructions it said "On CJ’s and late model TJ’s an access hole will be needed to install the nut on the rear bolt on the corner guard. This can be done by using a 1” hole saw on the inside of the body near the lower seat belt mount." I'm going to install the Smittybilt 76871 XRC Black Textured Rocker Guards with Step. I hate drill unnecessary holes can I use a Rivet Nut instead?
They are talking about the last bolt on the inside, and how it goes through a little hump in the body. You can see in mine that I just bolted it up with a longer bolt, which you could do, or you could cut a hole in the hump and bolt it flat like the others