Broke my fuel pump while trying to install a skid.


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I'm pretty frustrated with myself right now. I'm trying to install a new fuel tank skid plate on my TJ and was having a heck of a Time disconnecting the fuel lines. There are these push-in connectors that never seem to work quite right. I had unbolted the fuel tank and supported it on a jack. I kept lowering it trying to get it the fuel fittings on the tank side to see if they would come out and I eventually lowered it too far and snapped the fuel pump sending nozzle off.

Apparently this is a 171 dollar lesson that I've learned. Next time I'm going to take my time. It was in the upper 90s, I was sweating, and it felt like I was in the home stretch.



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I feel your pain. I have a big dislike for plastic parts.
thats a huge bummer. i would be really mad about that. i guess its been awhile since i did any fuel pump stuff though because all the ones i have ever changed seemed to have metal output tubes to clamp the hose on.

guess i have not done the ol tj