Wrangler bogging down


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Hey all! I have a 99 wrangler sahara and over the past few years I’ve had issues with the acceleration bogging down and seeming like it will stall out. I’ve tried so many things to fix it such as o2 sensor, spark plugs, new exhaust, flushing the system out, you name it ive tried it. Every time I take it somewhere they tell me it’s the o2 sensor (I’ve had it changed 3 times in past 5 years) but I know it’s something else causing the o2 to come up. I’ve taken it to 4 different mechanics and no one can truly figure it out for me. Any ideas?

A plugged catalytic convertor can cause loss of power [not saying that is your cause] but it would be something else to check out.
How many miles on your jeep?

What brand and p/n for the plugs or O2 sensors?
Any check engine light (CEL)?

Check your fuel pressure at idle and at higher RPM.

Have you cleaned the throttle body (TB) and idle air control (IAC)?

What RPM do you idle at?

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