Where Can I Find a New Track Bar Mount for my YJ??


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My front drivers side frame broke from the steering gear box extending to the shock tower. I found a new replacement frame section that extends that far and have it ordered, but it does not come with a replacement track bar mount. I called the company and they said to remove the last one and re-replace it but it is fairly rusted as well. I have searched all over the internet for a NON lifted track bar for my 94 YJ but I am not finding any track bar replacements other than ones for a 4-6" lift. Anyone know where to find a track bar mount? There are no YJ's in junkyards here in Indiana. I've heard I can drive without a track bar because my Jeep has 4 leaf springs but Im not sure I trust that. Need input.


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Try Rough Country, Teraflex or synergy. They make one for 4+ lift. This may be a drop mount.

Remember to keep track bar and drag link parallel bump steer will occur.

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