Raising the third brake light on a Jeep Wrangler


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When upgrading the size of the spare tire on your Jeep Wrangler, the third brake light often becomes hidden behind the spare. It's easy to fix this by using some form of spacers and longer bolts to raise the height of the brake light.

You'll need longer bolts (just take one of the existing ones to the local hardware store and get ones that are an inch or two longer).
One foot of PVC pipe
A handsaw to cut the pipe
Some paint

First measure how high you'd like to raise your third brake light. Most likely you'll need another 1 or 2 inches (for a 33" tire).


Then cut your PVC pipe to length


Spray the pieces black (or any other color).


Now, unbolt your brake light


And install the new spacers, bolting it up with the new bolts.

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NICE Terry. Are you "The Man"? I'm kinda getting that! Thanks for all the great pics and write-ups!! I know this has been up awhile but I am learning some cool tricks nonetheless.
Thanks Y2KTJ.
I'm the admin here, but I can't really take credit for this tip. Like most of the things that I've done writeups about here on Jeepz.com, I heard about them from other people first. I just dig documenting the stuff I do.