I'm coming to town in June...


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Hello Iowa, I'll be in Iowa City for the month of June. Looking for some entertainment. Also, if there's any good buys out there, I may be in the market. Let me know what's going on out there guys and gals. Thanks from Ohio. Ric

I'm in the mancester area... are you looking for a few spots to wheel...
Well, I'll be in town for business so I won't have the XJ with me. If I can get an inexpensive one out there, that would be great. I'm looking for something to do on the weekends. I know it's a college town but I don't think I can hang with them like I did 12 years ago at Duke U. I'd be happy to ride shotgun if you're doing a trailride though, meet some fellow members, work on some Jeeps and learn new things. I think Iowa is one of the few states I haven't been to.
If I'm not working man hit me up.... not to many good areas but we could poke around the roller dam in cedar rapids and try to talk our way into 600 acres ...