I just bought a '69 CJ5 and I need some assistance with tire size and lift recommendations


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I just bought a '69 CJ5 and I want to set it up for trails and mud. I would like to put on 35" tall tires that are not ridiculously wide, I want to keep the tires inside the wheel wells. So far, what I've found is the Interco Narrow SS TSL at 34" and they call out a 7" wide wheel for that tire. Interco does sell a 35-10.50 Bogger which would be perfect, but they are $650 each, they call out a 7-9" wheels for that tire.

ETA: I found some other Interco TSL tires, they are 35.5 x 10.5-15, they call out 7-8" wheels meaning I could probably go with some 80's 15" x 8" factory white spoke wheels. They are on the upper end of size that I want to go to for a Dana 27 front axle and I may need to go with a 4" lift. I would love to find a picture of a CJ5 running that combo.


In any case, the questions I have are:

1. Are there 35" or 36" tall mud tires that will fit on an 8-9" wheel?

2. What wheel offset do I need to keep the 34"ers centered in the wheel wells?

3. How much lift for a 35" tire?

4. Is the spring over conversion a good idea?

This is the first of many questions. Thanks in Advance!


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I dont have all your answers but #2 is offset to not rub. If you recenter the tire in the wheel well it will rub before full turn. Also might catch inner wheel well when flexing.
And those are some large lugs to rub. More like stop on.

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I found some photos for you.

Here is a 1979 with 35s and a 4 inch lift


Here's another 1979 with 6" Lift and 35 x 14.5 x 15LT Thornbird Tires


1971 with 35 tires. Looks like the front fenders have been trimmed a bit.

So looking at the pictures, it looks like I may be best going with the 34 inch tall tires and a 4-in lift I don't want this thing to be so top heavy it just tips over in a stiff breeze.

It seems like most of the rubbing issues are with 12.5 or 14.5 in wide tires. That is why I am focusing on the more narrow profiles.