How did, or why did you start wheeling?

My Uncle used to take me wheeling with him in his old Renegade with a group of at least a dozen other rigs when I was around 7 years old. The bug bit, and bit deep. He used to humor me when I asked why he liked the mud , he'd say " Its not me that likes the mud so much, it's my Jeep. She can hear that mud calling her"...."here piggy, piggy, piggy !"

81' CJ7 360AMC , 4"spring lift , 33"x12.5" Hankooks .
Re: RE: Putting my Money Where my Mouth Is

big wheels turned into mtn. bike, which turned into a dirt bike, which turned into a 4-wheeler, which turned into my TJ. Natural progression :)

I went from wind-up toy trucks to RC trucks to paintball guns to gopeds to mountain bikes to dirt bikes. Then I got a 4x4 p/u as my first vehicle so I could haul around my dirt bike. After a day of dirt biking down at Hollister Hills, I decided to test out the 4 wheel drive...I was hooked, sold the dirt bike a year later, and bought a Jeep. I think the most pivotal moment in my decision was when I was visiting a friend up by 'con who 'wheels a 'yota, let him ride my dirt bike for the couple of weeks I was up there, and asked him what he thought. He said that he would take a Jeep over any other offroad toy anyday. I just felt much more stable on four wheels than two when it came to technical trails, and had to agree with him. I do plan on buying another dirt bike someday, when I find people to dirt bike with. The Jeep will stay forever, though :wink:
CherokeeGuy42 said:
I love wheeling, but I decided I'm not going to lift my 01 since it has the gay antilock brakes(they don't stop for anything most of the time). Can't beat a Jeep.
thats not a good reason. you can simply disable them by pulling the fuse. if you were really ambitious, you could replace the front axle shafts with ones without tone rings, but thats not really necessary since you already have the 297 u-joint shafts in your xj. but honestly, before i did that swap in my zj, i wheeled with ABS a bunch of times, never had a problem, you just have to know what you've got and compensate and be prepared. now go lift that xj!