Herculine your floorboards


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I've had my Jeep CJ-7 for about 7 years now, and have gotten tired of sanding and spray painting my floorboards every 2 years or so. I also noticed that my floor mats would scoot around all the time, and finally decided to do something about it. I looked into several of the do it yourself liners, and the others who have done this recommended Herculiner- it runs about $30 for a quart (which is all I needed for this job).

I am pretty happy with the final product, although I have already put one scratch in it (easy to fix, I just touched up with some leftover herculiner). It gave my floor boards a more uniform look, where before you could see waves, and little pits.
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Step 1 - sand the floorboards

This project is pretty straight forward, first sand down your floor pan well., removing any rust or other major bumps.


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Step 2 - clean

Once sanded, you'll need to wash and carefully clean the floorpans, so there is no dust or grease. Herculiner won't stick well to a dirty or dusty surface


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Step 3 - protect

I chose to give the area a coat of POR 15, a to keep the rust from coming back. I cant' say enough good things about POR 15. Having used it for years, it's the best rust stopper on the market.


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Step 4 - roll on the Herculiner

Finally roll on the Herculiner, give it a couple hours to dry, and put the second coat on. Really nothing to it!


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Terry;your ideas are very praticle and useful ,I enjoy the do it yourself aspect and using whats at hand , its the Jeep thing .I cant waite for the next one to come out .
terry, thanks for a great post--i loved my rhino-lined pickup beds, and this seems very similar. i'm curious as to the herculine handles the heat generated from driving, and also summer heat (I live in Fla and the top is down as much as possible--summers here are brutal). any input on that?

I did the same thing to my CJ except I used Grizzly Grip... A little more substantial than herculiner and more colors. I used light gray so the sun wouldn't create so much backround heat. I coated the whole interior, including the trunk and inner fenders. Great protection and it keeps things a little quieter.
I herculined my cj almost 2 years ago.its holding up great.very easy to just hose down my truck when its dirty.
Re: Step 4 - roll on the Herculiner

Finally roll on the Herculiner, give it a couple hours to dry, and put the second coat on. Really nothing to it!

Yeah, This is what I have planned for my 3B project. I was wanting gray because it would be too hot here for black. :redface:
Rustoleum is a good quality paint

Por-15 is a super duper indestructable rust stopper.

I think that fixing all the rust and putting some paint on it would be good, assuming that you get all the rust. Personally, I'd rather pay an extra $15 for the paint (to purchase por 15) and not worry about it.
Something that doesn't leave a residue. I used a product named metal ready by POR 15, but you could probably get by with turpentine

nice tips and some great ideas. I just recently put some Grizzly-Grip on my 3B project. I bought the 118 dollar 8' bed liner kit and had enough to do my entire floorboard AND the under belly!!!:beer:
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