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So like many of you I've dabbled with the 2.5 motor. I've got my extreme build which is an utterly pointless ideal to some but I can still scream down the road with the rest of them. However on my other motor I was curious if I can Frankenstein an amc v8 head to the 2.5? Any input if they mate up or not would be cool. Just a fun idea if possible.

That's the point. Haha but I'm still curious about the motor head swap idea.
They won't mate up and even if they would somehow, you'd have issues with the intake/exhaust ports that would not seal or match up, the guides for the push rods would be all catty-wonkgus and coolant passages that go no where. Also the top of the compression chamber would be at an angle. ....... But still a cool idea! Why?????? If you want to get crazy, you could get wild with a valve job.
Good to know. I settled for the 505 performance race head they make with 5 angle valve job and larger valves. Works well with the stroker kit and the turbo kit.
I modded my '95 2.5L engine and it was a ton of fun. Good to see someone else appreciating the light little powerplant.