01 Cherokee right front wheel shimmy after driving 12-15 miles

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Hello All,

I've got an '01 Cherokee 4WD, all stock 214k miles. Recently after driving 12-15 miles, the right front wheel begins to shimmy. I've rotated tires and replaced the hub and rotor, shimmy remains. When the weather was colder, remaining under 30deg F, it would take about 20 miles for the shimmy to start. Park the vehicle, let it cool, and everything is fine again until driven 12-15 miles. There is very little shaking coming back to the steering wheel, I feel the shaking in the vehicle. Feels about like a badly out of balance tire.

I had driven the vehicle with a warped rotor on that side for an extended time. There was a significant pulse in the break pedal on breaking. This issue is corrected now with the new rotor, but it may have caused another issue now causing the shimmy.

I've inspected the tie rod ends, ball joints, track bar etc. The only obvious thing I've found it that the sway bar mount bushing is bad on that side.

Any thoughts?


Have you tried rotating the tires? I'm thinking either bent rim, or a bulge in the tire.
Normally I would say to that a bent rim or defective tire are causing an out of balance condition as this once happened to me with full size Chevy blazer years ago but I'm thinking something different here. Let's see , tires rotated and still got the problem . So , the warped rotor was changed , together with the bearing hub I'm assuming ? Do you think the replacement rotor may be suffering the same fate and causing the hub bearing to catch heat and going bad ? The only thing that comes to mind is a caliper that is dragging somewhat and causing friction but you did not post any problems with brakes . This is perplexing , but it is what comes to mind if not a tire or rim . You've inspected all the other items such as ball joints , tie rods and track bar , and it's still in that one wheel . Just has me thinking a caliper may be responsible. Your opinion ? Just a thought , but is the tire wearing evenly ?
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How do you know it's the right front tire? If the passenger leans out the window can the see the tire moving, or is more of a feeling?Normally when you talk about the front wheels shaking it's a worn trackbar (or bushing) problem. You may need to inspect everything while someone turns the wheel back and forth.