Maintenance schedule - new owner

Hi everyone,

I've searched the forum but haven't found anything that fits the bill.

I just bought a 2012, Sport, 4-door, manual, with 183K (km) on it - 4-door because I have kids, otherwise would have gone with the 2.

I want to keep it for 10 years after which time I'll be moving to Panama or Europe.
I will put on about 10K a year and use it for:

- shopping about twice a week - I don't commute
- a lot of skiing
- a good deal of camping, fishing, and hunting, no off-road, just very bad gravel roads
- hauling my 2000lb sailboat twice a year.

I live in Quebec so snow, ice, and salt is an issue. Here are some questions:

1) What are some maintenance things I should look at to keep it in top shape and make it last those 10 years? What are the things I should check every year to keep on top of things?

2) How do you folk from the NE deal with rust/salt?

3) Are there any extras/mods I should consider?

4) Is it unreasonable to expect it to last that long? Before this I had a VW Rabbit that I ran to 290K before destroying it on said backroads and plowing through snow to go skiing.

I know 183K is a lot, but not so much for a Jeep.

Thanks to anyone for taking their time.

The biggest thing I would worry about is the radiator. Being that it’s almost 10 years old and all the jeeps I have owned have been famous for radiator issues. Not everyone understands that you should only use distilled water to dilute your coolant. Old coolant or incorrectly mixed coolant can cause lots of issues down the road. Once your block starts to rust it won’t stop and will cause your heater core to fill with rust as it breaks down your engine. My mom has a 2001 4.0 Cherokee and because of this she had to replace her engine at 60k miles. The best advice I can give you is drain all your fluids and replace them so you know how old they are and can start a regular maintenance cycle. I do my transfer case every 30k miles and I replace my transmission fluid and filter every 45k miles mainly because I use my Jeep to tow.

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#2 spray the undercarriage with a protectant. I hear it works well. One is paraffin wax based the other uses thinned out used oil.

Concept is to keep water and corrosives out from under the jeep.

#1 battery and grounds are neglected and often corrode.
Clean TB snd IAC every 30-40k miles.
Use the correct spark plugs for your model year.

Rear oil follow owners manual. More often if submersed.

Trans oil follow owners manual unless you tow. More often if you do. Consider adding a trans cooler if towing or wheeling in desert or high altitudes.

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