1993 YJ Suspension lift - hard to find.


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I'm finally getting my YJ back in shape to drive after sitting for 10 years waiting for a good engine. Engine is in but need a lift as almost no one has 225/75R15 tires anymore. So I'm searching for a 2.5" lift. Well to find the suspension is just as difficult as the tires. I don't want Rough Country. Had them on a CJ5 and less than one year the springs sagged. Seems many suspension kits are out of stock at present with no update available. Idea's anyone, maybe point me in the right direction? I'm looking for springs & shocks. Thanks.
Suspension kits are all out of stock.
Old man emu is awesome. Had it on my 87
I had an 87 AMC wrangler. Paperwork said AMC but Chyrsler built the jeep. Right during the transition. Still had the 4.2L 258 engine with the BA-10 (which promply broke). Pulled an AX15 out of a Cherokee, dropped right in. Ran beautifully. Then I ended up picking up this 93 cheap because it had a bad knock in the engine. Turns out I didn't need to replace it - the timing adjuster broke and the chain was slapping against the cover. So now I have a spare should I need it. Thanks for the advise. A lot of places are out of stock. I'll keep looking.

FmtPlt where you from and located?

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