1. TerryMason

    New Jeepz.com coming soon!

    I've got some exciting news - there is a new Jeepz.com on the horizon! Currently, we are running Vbulletin, a forum software from 2016. It has served us well, however many aspects of it are broken or failing. I've done my best to patch things, but it's a loosing battle. Now the good news -...
  2. Y


    New guy here .. I ordered my JLU on 3/11/22 and hoping it gets built one of these days ;) I currently have a 2014 grand Cherokee that will be handed down to my son in September when he gets his license. So, as long as my build is done by then, all good. It would be nice to enjoy summer with it...
  3. J

    New to forum!!!

    Hello everyone...Im new to the CJ7 Community and cant wait to share and learn from everyone...hope everyone has a great weekend!!! John
  4. L

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hey everyone! I’m Rhonda. Super new Jeep Wrangler enthusiast here! I’m from the DMV area, specifically NOVA. I hope I can find some helpful info on here & meet some dope people!
  5. P

    Need some input on buying my first Jeep.

    A friend of mine is selling me a 2007 Sahara with 140.000 miles for $15.000dlls. I know he likes to keep his cars in good shape. Hope I can get some input here about the value. I can load some pic if I’m allowed. TIA
  6. J

    Jeep rubicon got some new lights!

    If you go off roading at night, or if you live down an unlit street, lighting upgrades are essential for the rig. We chose NOT to go with a windshield light bar, and we wired everything without adding any switches on our TJ rubicon sitting on 38s! Hope this sparks some ideas and hope this finds...
  7. Turbogus

    Hey Howdy

    Just wanted to post a hello to everyone I've missed. Had a career change that was devastating in some ways and others not. Hope everyone's staying clear of that damn virus!