Went on my first Jeep jamboree


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For my 50th birthday I decided to go on my very first Jeep jamboree. The way it works is you pick a local event and signup - we picked Hollerwood off-road Park in Slade, Kentucky. My wife and kids went and we all had a great time. It was much more technical than I expected. I was actually worried that it would just be a trail ride, but that wasn't the case. We saw popped tires, broken axles, even a control arm ripped from the frame (others, not me). I managed to get a log jammed through my rear driver coil spring. We had to jack up the Jeep and yank it out.

If you haven't been on Jeep jamboree I would suggest it, it's a great time.



There was enough mud to go around



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wow, that looks super fun. i always liked group rides out on trails. do you have to have mods or can you go with a stock jeep?

i geuss i can google it, ha ha ha. just look up jeep jamboree?
I was on the "purple" group, which works out to about level 3 out of 10. Stock Jeeps were level 1, Rubicons were level 2, and Jeeps with 33 inch tires and a locker were level 3. Most of the groups are separated by tire size (level 4 is 35 inch tires).

There were a ton of stock Jeeps, including a Grand Cherokee and a Comanche. You can have a great time without any mods.

my son alerted me that they opened a new off road park near my parent's house up in the hill country and he and his friend are thinking of trying it out for fourth of july. they are taking his friends polar edition jku and leaving today after work.

i will have to get them to take pics and post them if they actually hit that park. with so many college girls in bikinis at the rio frio river, they might not actually make it to that off road park, i suspect.

So far, the girls have kept them from the off road park