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  1. sparkfan

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey klkb good looking rig. Damn lawn always gets in my way too. Nothing better than a little gravel in my travel.
  2. sparkfan

    sparkfan... yes Im still around.

    Hey all, I just got an e-mail that said I haven't been around. Guilty. Im having the time of my life, I have a 1984 CJ7 in the middle of a ground up, bone stock restoration in full swing. It belongs to a friend, she has $7800.00 into it so far. That does not include the $3500.00 she paid for it...
  3. sparkfan

    Rubicon Lockers

    I have an '04 RUBICON also. I did the exact same bypass that Bounty Hunter posted 1 1/2 years ago and it works perfect. It was one of the simplest things I have done so far. The easiest was making the fog lamps work in hi or lo beam.
  4. sparkfan

    Im a newb to the jeep world so I have two questions about a 1972 CJ5

    Dan, I have a bestop for that jeep that I want to go away. I'm looking for about $350. if you're interested.
  5. sparkfan

    Hello-from Raleigh NC.

    Earnhardt fan? I believe that is a requirement to live in Raleigh.
  6. sparkfan

    Whats going on

    I bought my RUBICON from Jersey and drove there to pick it up. Connecticut.
  7. sparkfan

    How much lift?

    No, I didn't regear. I have an '04 RUBICON, 4.0 with 4.10's. I don't have any issues with needing to re but when I put the longarms under it, I now have room for 35's. The reason I didn't go to 35's is because I would definately have to regear. Since my fuel milage already sucks, I decided not to.
  8. sparkfan

    TJ windshield glass

    John, I just had my windshield replaced, it had a slight curve to it and the replacement is the same. If they both cracked in the same place, I would bet that the windshield frame has a bulge at the pinch weld or something.
  9. sparkfan

    Jeep Differential Covers! D30, D44, 8.25, & 8.8

    Dan, Those are really nice and as soon as I have some cash floating about, I will be ordering covers. Thanks for posting that, I have been looking and the ones I like are MUCH more expensive and I suspect nowhere near the quality of your product.
  10. sparkfan

    How much lift?

    Jack, I had a 2" Rubicon Express budget boost and ran 33's for three years. I wheel my rig regularly and the only time I had any issues was when the sway bar was disconnected. The front end would flex and the tires would hit the top of the fenders, it trashed the seam between the fender and the...
  11. sparkfan

    TJ Roll Cage options

    I did the rock hard kit for my TJ and am extremely happy with it. If you're going to bend and weld one, I would suggest finding someone that has a cage that will work for your app and take a bunch of pictures. Welding a cage is the same weather it is a drag racing app or a jeep.
  12. sparkfan

    Anyone brake experts?

    Can you tell me what the problem is? I am very good with brakes and maybe even tell you what to do on-line.
  13. sparkfan

    What's your day job?

    Jet engine mechanic @ Pratt & Whitney. Assigned to development area building probes to measure pressure, temp. and strain. Currently loaned into Production test where we test and ship all P&W models from military to large fan to the powerplant groundpounder GG8. Love my work, hate corporate greed!
  14. sparkfan


    Hey Russ, My name is Steve and I live in Cromwell. Where are you from? I have more wiring experience than most. Your heater issue sounds like the reostat (sp?) is gone. What is wrong with the horn?
  15. sparkfan

    The sparkfan has arrived

    Thanks! I have already found info that I was looking for.
  16. sparkfan

    Installing a new Cat-back exhaust

    I did it a little differently, The TJ exhaust has a flange on the muffler. I used a tubing cutter and cut the flange and about 3 inches of pipe. I bought a Thrush turbo muffler and a downspout from NAPA (because I LIKE to pay 15% more for parts) and used muffler clamps on the connections. Then I...
  17. sparkfan

    Chronologic order for tub replacement

    I am getting ready to do another frame up restoration on an '84 CJ. This is the first time I am replacing a tub and just want to know if anyone has any suggestions on the order of build. I live in Connecticut and the room factor stands in the way. I only have a 1 bay garage and it is LOADED with...
  18. sparkfan

    The sparkfan has arrived

    Hey all, I am Steve B3. I go by sparkfan on several forums because there is always more info to look at and read. My RUBICON is my 7th Jeep and the first TJ. I have done A LOT to this thing, all done by myself. An '04 RUBICON is what I started out with and did a mild build-up on it. I drove it...