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    Air Bag Light On

    That fixed it all! No more air bag light and the cruise control now works for the first time in the 6 years since I got the Jeep. It was a simple job and it turns out that it had been changed before and was the wrong one! You can see in the picture the green connector. That wire comes out of the...
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    Air Bag Light On

    Yeah, the airbag comes out with just two bolts from the back of the steering wheel. I took it apart once before but didn't have a steering wheel puller and didn't have time to mess with it. It was my daily driver at the time. It "should" be easy. Two bolts for the airbag, unclip wires, remove...
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    Air Bag Light On

    I checked the fuses behind the glove box since that's where the air bag fuses are and they are all good. I checked the connections the best I could just reaching around up behind the dash. I ordered a clock spring and I'm hoping that will take care of it and maybe the cruise control too. Not...
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    Air Bag Light On

    I checked with my scanner and no codes.
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    Air Bag Light On

    On my 03 TJ, a few times in the past the air bag light would come on but then go off later and stay off for awhile until the next time. Recently it came on and won't go off now. I've seen mention that it could be the clock spring. My cruise control hasn't worked for years and now the air bag...
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    New coming soon!

    Cool, thanks for taking care of the site!
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    What are these things under my Wrangler TJ's battery?

    That vacuum box on mine came loose and was the source of a rattle that took me a very long time for me to find. Like months of looking, removing things, tightening things and so on. It was very frustrating.
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    Should I trade in these Craftsman USA ratchets?

    I would definitely try to rebuild them because I enjoy trying to fix things and seeing how they work. It would be easier to swap them for newer ones but more satisfying to try to fix them.
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    man, 12 years since joinging this group

    I joined this forum when I ordered my new 03 TJ. I'm on my third Jeep now but still here! I got my Jeepz sticker on my toolbox too.
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    Worst carb I have ever seen

    Is it junk or will you be able to clean it? If you like watching videos of people doing that kinda stuff, I really like this youtube channel - Mustie1 - YouTube. He fixes up cars too but a lot of his videos are of stuff he finds on the side of the road and fixes.
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    Special seats

    That's pretty cool but I bet the video has been sped up.
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    some people have been members on this site a loooong time

    I've been here a while but 1970 was 14 years before I even got my first car and 33 years before my first jeep!
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    2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900miles

    Re: 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport- 4.0Liter I6- Dana 44 rear axle - mint&no rust - 61,900m Congrats on the baby! Great looking jeep but way to much money for a 2002.
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    How many miles per tank

    I have an 03 TJ, manual, 3.73 and 31 inch tires. I usually get about 180 - 200 miles per tank before I fill up and get 13 to 14 mpg for city only driving. Has he had his spedo checked for accuracy since he got the bigger tires?
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    Big ol' hello from North Dakota!

    Hey Junkers, do you have a picture you can post here? Where is it located?
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    Driver Beware !

    Wow! Glad you're okay minus a little butt skin.
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    Dash cams?

    Yeah, that wouldn't be suspicious at all. :lol: Haha, sounds about right.
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    Dash cams?

    On the way to work this morning I came a couple of feet from broadsiding an F150 that pulled out of chick-fil-a right in front of me. From the look on his face it scared him as much as it did me. The noise from my mud tires skidding on the pavement is something you don't hear much anymore what...
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    New jeep doors are light

    I would have sworn they were lighter than the TJ doors but I guess not.
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    New jeep doors are light

    I bought my daughter a '20 JL and I swear her doors a much lighter than my TJ doors. I put her four doors on yesterday and even her back doors are so much lighter than her front but I then went to put my doors on and noticed that there is a big difference in weight. Hers even have power windows...