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    99 Jeep GC- will not crank

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I found the problem and it was way obvious. My positive battery cable was bad. I felt soo stupid. I still am having to work out a few kinks in my GC. windows having a mind of their own, my brake pedal hisses constantly and of course the dreaded hood...
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    99 Jeep GC- will not crank

    I had the CPS replaced about 6mths ago. When it went it would not crank but had power. I am stumped. Any ideas are appreciated. i plan to replace the brake light switch. cheap and easy fix and it should correct a few problems i am also having with my GC. Could it be the NSS? is that hard to...
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    If I dont use it, will I lose it? (power window problems)

    one of mine will randomly roll down on it's own.. gotta get it fixed soon
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    99 Jeep GC- will not crank

    I have a 99 jeep Grand Cherokee. It started fine earlier. then when I went to crank it later it will not turn over. No power anywhere. when I turn the switch no noise, when i return the switch I hear the flapper move and the gauges move. It is also stuck in Park. any ideas?? Tiffany