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    Best Brakes for the Money?

    Hi Everyone! We have been using our stock brakes on our TJ Rubicon to stop our TJ on 38s and so far it has been holding up pretty surprisingly well given the huge tire size. Maybe the milestars are lighter than other tires this size? In any case, we just upgraded all 4 corners to powerstop...
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    Newest LED tail lights for the JK

    ​Now that the JK is starting to show it's age, we refreshed ours with some New LED tail lights. They look similar to the ones on the JL and are pretty much plug and play. Has anyone else installed these? Will keep you updated on how they do over time. Here is the full install. Cheers Jeep Fam...
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    Powered Side Steps (Nerf bars) for the JK

    What's up Jeep Fam! Very excited to have just installed some powered side steps on our JKU now that it's lifted and on 37 inch tires! Here is the complete video showing the entire process! Does anyone have a similar setup? (oh, and we got a new jeep pup too, named Rubi!) Cheers and God Bless...
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    We installed a 100 watt Jeep Specific solar system! Here's how we did it!

    What's up Jeep Fam! Gifted my wife a JK specific Solar Panel system four her 2015 Unlimited. Looking forward to all the juice we catch from the sun, as well as having our batteries last longer! Stating to turn this rig into our overland setup! You can even run accessories directly from the...
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    Testing the newest line of mud terrain tires

    Hi Everyone! We went ahead and pulled the trigger and installed the newest brand of mud tire, on one of the coolest looking bronze rims. So far they mounted and balanced super easily, drive ultra quiet, and have a very aggressive tread pattern. Let us know what you think! Excited to review them...
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    We install the cheapest HEAVY DUTY Control Arms on our TJ!

    What's Up Guys! I installed the cheapest "Heavy duty" control arm I can find for my TJRubicon. Wanted to share the option with you all, can't wait to see how it holds up off road! Cheers!
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    We Install a heavy duty differential cover..And go with conventional gear oil

    Hi Everyone! Hope this posts finds everyone happy and healthy! We went ahead and upgraded our differential cover this last weekend and wanted to share with you all the process. We share some cool tips along the way, including the geometry of the differential cover, the type of oil we use, and...
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    $17 Subwoofer Install & Review in the TJR

    Howdy Jeep Fam! Went ahead and pulled the trigger and installed this Pyle 6.5 Inch subwoofer in the TJ Rubicon! Anyone else have experience with this $17 Pyle Sub for the TJ? So far, it has been exceptional and totally worth the 30 minutes and $17 dollars for the...
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    We Compare 4 of the leading tire shine products recommended by viewers!

    You Asked and WE LISTENED! We Compare 4 of the most recommended Tire Shine product's on Aleen's Jeep Wrangler JK! ALSO! Who wants a Free Tailgate table?? GIVEAWAY is now LIVE! Cheers fam!
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    Best tire carrier!

    Had to share my experience with the hyline tire carrier. Really like how there are no extra latches and the build quality is unreal. Here is the full install
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    JK style hardtop on a TJ - Patriot fastbacks

    We install a JK style Hardtop on our TJ! Here is how we did it, just in time for the fall and winter! What do you all think? Haven;t actually seen one before in person..
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    Sequential LeD headlights

    Here is the install and comparison of 2 of the newest Wrangler LeD headlights. Sequential/Bluetooth RGB direct comparison
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    We Charged our AC for under $50! Cheap and Easy

    Just wanted to share. Cold Ac Anyone? From Blowing 120 Degrees to 45 Degrees, cheap!
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    Jeep rubicon got some new lights!

    If you go off roading at night, or if you live down an unlit street, lighting upgrades are essential for the rig. We chose NOT to go with a windshield light bar, and we wired everything without adding any switches on our TJ rubicon sitting on 38s! Hope this sparks some ideas and hope this finds...
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    Urban Camo Vinyl Wrap on our JK for under $50!

    Hi jeep fam! For less than $50 and a few hours later, we CAMO WRAP our Jeep JK! We just wanted to show how easy it is to get this job done and to totally transform the look of the jeep! Check it out, and be safe jeep fam! Cheers!
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    We Install 4+ inches of lift on our Stock Height TJ with 38s!

    Hello everyone! We recently installed 4 inch dual rate skyjacker lift kit with nitrogen shocks and all the other good stuff on our jeep TJ! We created a full install video showing you exactly what it takes to get the job done as well as the end result! Spoiler alert, the lift kit said 4 inches...
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    What do you use to mount a flag to your jeep?

    We explored this option, and we are pretty happy with it! What does everyone else use?
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    Replacing a PCM on a jeep TJ (Codes p0031, p0037, p0051, p0057)

    Hi everyone! First and foremost, thank you all for your help while trying to diagnose and fix my check engine light issue! Hope everyone is doing well and is safe during these COVID ridden times! After searching around a ton, I decided to make a video showing our issue on our 2005 jeep tj...
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    We try fitting 38 inch Milestar tires on our STOCK Suspension Jeep TJ Rubicon..

    We try stuffing 38 INCH Milestar Tires on a STOCK Suspension Jeep TJ! Check out our video to join us for the adventure! Cheers
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    Jeep TSB 25 001 07 Smog readiness FULL DIY

    After waiting FOREVER for the emissions systems to be "ready" on the TJ, we took it upon ourselves to do a fix the dealer was declining. This quick fix will allow your jeep wrangler to pass smog in flying colors! Hope this helps and please reach out with any questions!