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    Why is my ABS WARNING LIGHT on?
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    Lock receiver

    Hello all,doin well l hope. I don't want to have to get the locksmith over here again and program a new fob for my third Jeep in 3 months. So l'm wondering if anyone can tell me where the signal receiver is for the locks on my 03 and 01 Grand Cherokee Limited. I'm thinkin if l take the...
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    Key fob sensor

    Hello out there. I have a question that may have already been asked, but l just don't have the time to wade through all the posts looking for the answer. My question is ... where is the key fob signal receiver located on my 01 Grand limited (Uplander)??? Have an extra fob from my 02 overland...
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    Heater fan shut down

    Thanks JPNinPA. I did not think about the wires on the switch. Fuses all appear to be good. But l will check the switch this afternoon.
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    Heater fan shut down

    I have a 98 Cherokee Sport. I was drivin it yesterday and things were real good. I droped my friend off at his place , the fan was working great at keeping the air in the non-air conditioned xj moving. I came back to the Jeep and started him up and had no heater fan of any kind. I've checked...