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  1. bcrowe

    90's Son

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family from Indy.
  2. bcrowe

    YJ 4.2L Engine Photos please

    I need you guys to please post (or email me) photos of their engine bay. I have an A/C unit install that was botched, specifically, the lines at the compressor end are connected with hose clamps! I plan to have some made, but I don't have a reference for what they originally looked like. Also...
  3. bcrowe

    01' hard top on my 99'

    Out here in Indy, a used HT from the Junkyard is $900! If it's in good shape, (IMO) $500 is a steal!
  4. bcrowe

    CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Wow! A YJ with CJ frame and suspension! Rock on!
  5. bcrowe

    Carter BBD Fuel-Air settings?

    I went mountain biking yesterday at my local park and drove the Jeep over there without any major issues. On the way home, however, I stalled out 3 times. Tach dropped to 0 and I was stuck. The 3rd time, I could not get it restarted so I popped the hood and got to looking. (Keep in mind the heat...
  6. bcrowe

    AC problems

    I looked around and think I found my problem. The A/C unit is from a Jeep, just not mine. It was added later and the hoses pushed through the firewall. The hoses attach inside the cab with compression fittings and such as expected. The other ends connect in the engine compartment with hose...
  7. bcrowe

    might have to sell :(...

    I'm on my 3rd as well. 1-78 CJ7, 1-97 TJ, 1-89 YJ
  8. bcrowe

    AC problems

    Mine was ICE COLD 2 months ago and one day after work, I heard a ...PSSSTTTTT....and *BAM* - no more cold air. I think I must've blown a seal or something. There was a coat of clear lube on the inside of the hood. It hasn't been converted yet and I was thinking of doing it myself. I hate to buy...
  9. bcrowe

    Movie Thread- Lets have fun !

    Alice's Restaurant! (...and the 8x10 color glossys with the circles and the arrows .....)
  10. bcrowe

    new jeep in the family

    Now THAT was just wrong, Sparky! ;)
  11. bcrowe

    Super Swamper TSL SSR

    I was wondering the same question today. I can't decide between 31" or 33" tires or between Interco's TrXuS MTs or TSL Radials. I will be probably 75% street and 25% trail. I will be spending 3-4 months of street driving in snow though...Suggestions?
  12. Project 89 YJ

    Project 89 YJ

    This is how my *new* YJ looks prior to any mods. I bought it with HT and doors and accessories for $2300 in May 2006. I will be posting updates as I get them done. This will be my ongoing project, online @
  13. bcrowe

    new jeep in the family

    I wondered if it was the same girl. I saw the pic, twice. I guess I ran up your numbers. :) By the way, that was a nice mudhole she got into!
  14. bcrowe

    new jeep in the family

    Welcome, welcome. Yes, there is an enormous amount of information floating around these forums and some top-notch people here. Hope you find it as great at we all do! BTW...that was great, TwistedCopper. I guess you were the first to say it out loud!
  15. bcrowe

    loking for logos to download? digital image

    Here's a company I found on Google that will make a custom cover: Spare Tire Covers and here's a link to a sample Wrangler Sport logo I'd love to see how it turns out!
  16. bcrowe

    Ugh, I'm so sick

    Must be nice to have a window. I manage an IT department and we always seem to get put right in the middle of the building with no windows! Of course, the upside is that we don't go anywhere in the case of bad weather! Hmmm, guess I'll check the parking lot surveillance camera for a weather...
  17. bcrowe

    Liftin' stuff

    That's exactly where I'm at. I have an 89 YJ and I just sold my daily driver to buy it. (Making it, by default, my NEW daily driver/ Project Jeep) I have so many things I'd like to do, but can't really afford more than a weekend of downtime If I get broke! First I'm trying to get 33" s under her...
  18. bcrowe

    Movie Thread- Lets have fun !

    "Smokey and the Bandit!" - Buford T. Justice!! NICE! (So I apologize for getting us on to Burt Reynolds movies!) What's next? "Every Which Way but Loose"? ..."Right turn, Clyde".
  19. bcrowe

    tennessee events?

    97tj817, that is exactly what I wanted to do with my paint! You have full coverage decals or paint? Bad ass! Very nice ride...Hopefully once I get my YJ running strong, I'll work the camo.
  20. bcrowe

    New To The Jeep Thing

    Welcome Jeepstud31b and GoldenEagle06! Sounds like you guys have some nice, new pretty toys! Congrats! No need to feel silly asking questions here, most people are very accomodating and there is more collective knowlege here than in any other forum I belong to.