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  1. rock316

    3 CJs and parts

    still have the steering column
  2. rock316

    steering column

    Thanks i have six of those at work, I work at U-Pull-It auto parts
  3. rock316

    steering column

    its snapped in 2 I ran it over when it fell out of my truck :cry:
  4. rock316

    steering column

    ok guys im back im looking for a steering column for my 85 cj7 need to know what year of chevy trucks have that same column its a standard any help will do. Jason text me if you read this had to get new phone need your number again
  5. rock316

    SR4 replacement options for 1980 CJ

    the T-176 will bolt right up to 360 and dana 300 will bolt right up to the T-176 had that combo in my 80 cj-5
  6. rock316

    What do you keep in your jeep?

    All the part i havent installed yet :lol:
  7. rock316

    Billet YJ Inside windshield brackets!

    hey fellers hows it going. Alex those are really good I have a brother that has a yj Hes a Marine so im thinking Semper FI in the bottom like you did mine with the lettering ....and i will pm you tomorrow ok
  8. rock316

    What's the correct gear?

    if you want a give Bill a call at Tucson Differential (520)-750-1309 he will tell you exactly what you need i worked with him at the shop back in Tucson ,AZ
  9. rock316

    Four barrels rock!!

    congrats bro :shades:
  10. rock316

    CJ7 Front Hub Assembly Swap

    have to use the whole spindle they will fit on the axle i did the same thing on my 82 just found a axle on craiglist and switched them out would have used the whole axle but the differential had exploaded
  11. rock316

    Billet YJ Inside windshield brackets!

    they look good hoss
  12. rock316

    Cute lil YJ from Cali!

    welcome to the site you should like it here lots of info and everybody willing to lend a hand:welder:
  13. rock316

    Strange things while wheeling

    Back when i still living in southern az have come across burlap sacks filled with drugs bodies a limo that put a hole in the oil pan and a brocken drive shaft two ejection seats smith&wesson 44 its amazing what you can find in a desert so close to the border
  14. rock316

    I want thread

  15. rock316

    I want thread

    i want
  16. rock316


    prayers going out may God speed him a safe return
  17. rock316

    95 Wranglel YJ home made Brute project!

    post some pictures as you go hoss
  18. rock316

    95 Wranglel YJ home made Brute project!

    have fun and good luck I did a brute project back home 3 years ago took me a 2 months (working on it on the weekends) but that was working almost 18 hours sat and 14 hours sun and by myself but it was fun wish i had some pictures to show you the process of the build...have fun :welder:
  19. rock316

    New lift vibration issue's

    need to lower your pinion and a longer drive shaft