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  1. steady.foot

    I like ugly parts. Got any?

    You may have to make a new drive shaft and it may vibrate a little because of the angle of the shaft, But it will work.
  2. steady.foot

    Lower driver seat mount ??? (90 YJ)

    I have cut one down. Was simple if I remember right. A little bit makes a big difference.
  3. steady.foot

    42RH transmission

    I'm putting a 42RH transmission out of a 94 Grand Cherokee into my 88 wrangler. I'm told that it is hydraulically shifted in the 3 lower gears and overdrive is activated electronically. Can anyone tell me how to get overdrive activated without a computer on board?
  4. steady.foot

    72 CJ 5 fuel tank

    Some times sellers post a picture that isn't the item that they're selling. It's just a generic picture because they're to lazy take one of the item that they are selling. Get n contact with them and ask questions.
  5. steady.foot

    1992 jeep cherokee 3 speed automatic

    Check to see if the passing gear kick down rod or cable, which ever it has, is working freely.
  6. steady.foot

    New ring and pinion

    Pattern looks good. How much back lash do you have.
  7. steady.foot

    Cj7 ax15?

    It will bolt up. You may have to get new drive shafts, depending on what you have now. You will also have to install a hydraulic master cylinder as the AX15 has a hydraulic slave cylinder.
  8. steady.foot

    Windshield,[ 94 Yj]

    Road grime hitting the windshield causes minute pits on the outside of it and causes glare when going into the sun. It's time for a new one.
  9. steady.foot

    Motorcraft Autospark ingition control module

    An HEI distributor is the way to go. 4Wheel Drive Hardware - HEI Billet Distributor - Fits 1972 to 1986 CJ -
  10. steady.foot

    Watch King of the Hammers live

    Thanks Terry. I've been going to look it up but been too busy/lazy.
  11. steady.foot

    what is this???

    It also has some heavy duty axles under it. I'm thinking it was made for a country across the big pond. What was the add for?
  12. steady.foot

    92 jeep yj Heater sqeals

    Yup. That's coming from the heater.
  13. steady.foot

    Need Transmission help - 85 CJ7 350 Chevy with a t176 transmission

    The weakest part of the T176 is the shifter/cover. When people try to power shift them, They lock up. If this is the case, You need to find a good cover that isn't worn. I don't know of any rebuild kits to remedy this. Try going slow between2nd and 3rd gears when shifting.
  14. steady.foot

    92 jeep yj Heater sqeals

    If it is the heater, You need to replace the heater motor. There are some upgrades that you can do if this is the case. If it's the fan belt it's because it's drawing power from the alternator and you may have to replace the belt. Check the idler like lefthand said and also check all pulleys in...
  15. steady.foot

    T4 YJ transmission on a cj?

    The AX15 will fit behind your 258 but you will have to convert to hydraulic clutch. Your D300 will also bolt right up with no problem.
  16. steady.foot

    Autoline or National Carburetors

    They are both rebuilders. I know nothing of either.
  17. steady.foot

    Amc 304 or 360

    Location? I have a 304.
  18. steady.foot

    HEI distributor

    It's a big improvement. I'm glad I did it.
  19. steady.foot

    Spark Plug Socket

    Looks to be a design flaw to me. That thing that looks to be a metal sleeve welded in there should be something soft.