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  1. greg92jeepxj

    Starting a new job - wish me luck.

    Wishing you the best of luck ! Most of all , a better future and benefits for you and family .
  2. greg92jeepxj

    The Oldest Jeep You have ever owned

    A 1973 jeep cj5 . It's currently a project / restoration still awaiting a start date due to funds and time . Hoping for both of those to fall in place soon .
  3. greg92jeepxj

    Help me design a new Jeep! (student of automotive design)

    Yes sir , sure has . With these new scattered work hours and unpredictable overtime , I sure could use a secretary to keep up ! Wrenching weather is finally here , now it's time to make $ !
  4. greg92jeepxj

    Help me design a new Jeep! (student of automotive design)

    Thank you Dana for choosing for your research feedback ! Welcome and grazie ! I agree that simplicity is key . We like jeeps to be simple and down to earth , user friendly and easy to repair , if at all possible in today's word of technology . What we would like most is to keep the...
  5. greg92jeepxj

    gc stuck front diff carrier

    The front Dana 30 axle dosen't have the " C " clip at each axle end inside the differential case side gears like the rear axle does. So , no problem there . As long as the axles were pulled out , which I presume , the only thing that makes it tough to pull out the differential case from the...
  6. greg92jeepxj

    Wrangler TJ wheel hub / bearing assembly replacement

    Sure glad you posted a picture of the front hub assembly of your jeep . the axle in this jeep , from the Range Rover , is completely different from a Dana 30 open knuckle axle . You could not order parts for a traditional jeep Cherokee XJ as we are accustomed to here in the United States . If...
  7. greg92jeepxj

    1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Starts runs for second shuts off HELP PLEASE

    I'm no mechanic either but I believe you guys are on the right track . Although it should not be ruled out , a fuel restriction is less likely than a bad electric fuel pump . It could not hurt to change the fuel filter . But since the filter on this model is integral with the fuel pump which...
  8. greg92jeepxj

    Heater Fan Motor

    Welcome to have you checked for a blown fuse ? Also , you may have a bad blower motor resistor or bad blower fan switch . A motor , switch or resistor will pull more amps than the fuse is rated for and cause fuse to blow . It's likely the fuse is on the same circuit as a relay that...
  9. greg92jeepxj

    2002 Jeep Grand Cheorkee

    Welcome to you mentioned that the neutral safety switch has been changed and that you have to move the shift lever to get it to crank . You'll have to check the adjustment again , it's out and will have to be reset. Give that a try before thinking about swapping out a starter solenoid...
  10. greg92jeepxj

    1995 jeep yj 2.5 timing chain sound?

    Although I don't truly know the going rate for a shop or dealer to perform the repaair(s) you need , I still think that estimate you've received is somewhere between high and outrageous. i do my own work and that is why because of the inflated costs . I'm sure you know why a shop or dealer...
  11. greg92jeepxj

    95 wrangler yj no spark

    Also , as Djs jeep posted , the cam sensor will have to be checked as well . Youll want to know if it's receiving 12 volt reference and if a signal feedback is present . Both , the cam and crank sensors have to have 5 volt reference , signal feedback and ground . Without it , the PCM won't...
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    95 wrangler yj no spark

    Be sure there isn't any kind of anti-theft deterrent system ( factory or aftermarket ) of any kind that could be the cause of ignition system cut-off. Usually those systems also prevent crank as well so this may not be the case . Verify that all fuses are good and look for voltage across...
  13. greg92jeepxj

    New Jeep owner having problems

    From your description of the fault , it does sound like the starter has an internal short . An amperage draw test would have to be performed but that is a little involved if you don't have proper equipment to perform the test . Not much is needed but I think it's better to confirm that the...
  14. greg92jeepxj

    87' Grand Wagoneer Ignition problems

    I know the feeling . I'm 10pm - 6am now with 7pm start times straight through to 6am twice a week and anything else that might come my way . Got to save up $$ for the jeep projects .
  15. greg92jeepxj

    87' Grand Wagoneer Ignition problems

    I'm not that far advanced in automotive electrical but it does sound to me that if in fact the electrons are flowing in reverse , a diode is missing or not working . A diode is used to allow the flow of electrons in one direction only , so it seems SuperJ and RestorationRides are correct . The...
  16. greg92jeepxj

    Motor timing 180* out?

    From my last post , I stated that adjusting 2 degrees at a time from initial timing be made for best performance . This should only be done if the factory recommended timing setting could profit from such an adjustment . This is not a requirement . It is done by many to obtain best performance...
  17. greg92jeepxj

    Motor timing 180* out?

    I really advise confirming proper initial timing before carburetor adjustment . you don't want to tune or be able to attempt with timing out . Too rich will build carbon and too lean will cause damage due to pre ignition . Simce the engine dosen't have a lot of milage and it is believed the...
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    Motor timing 180* out?

    Hello and welcome to was wondering if you did try the distributor installed 180 degrees opposite of the way it was first installed . Although I don't like to guess , the only way to be absolutely sure the valve timing is correct is to remove the timing chain cover to observe the timing...
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    95 wrangler yj no spark

    I'm famiar with bolts holding the CPS in as well . But reading back in your post stating you cannot remove the CPS because you cannot get it off the two studs got me to research . I don't have proper reference for that year so I turned to google . I don't know if you've got the auto trans but...
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    1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will not start.

    Although I cannot provide correct firewall bulkhead connector or PCM cavity pin out to probe with a computer safe test light it low impediance digital voltmeter , it is still good practice to carry on a visual inspection to find if any part of the under hood or under dash harness has any damage...