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    PatriotJeepers Jeep club

    Last Jeep run of 2013 Dec 14 drop us a line!
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    Nationwide GenRight 4x4 Nights in November

    I don't see MA on this list, It's not nation wide!
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    CJ7 transmission question?

    Why do you want a Dana 20 when the Dana 300 is geared lower? and it bolts up to your T5!
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    2012 PatriotJeepers,Inc Mass Jeep club

    Last Jeep run of the year Dec 14
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    Wheeling / mudding / offroading in mass?

    Try Us PatriotJeepers Min tire 31" max tire is now 35" Patriot Jeepers Inc.
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    PatriotJeepers Jeep club

    2013 is here and we are Jeepin!
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    2012 PatriotJeepers,Inc Mass Jeep club

    PatriotJeepers 2013 season in full swing! come join us.
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    front axle swap help!

    try Jeep wagooner axles make sure you get the right year.
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    axel swap questions

    A Dana 44 front and 44 rear are good swaps. a Dana 60 hangs down low and will lose you ground clearence. So unless you are running 37's with a big motor try a dana 44.
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    Wheel size question

    you will need more then a 4" lift to run 35's. The Dana 35 will break and could ruin your day as you will no be able to drive it. once the axle shaft breaks the whole shaft and wheel will walk right out.
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    Wheel size question

    but that would still leave you with a Dana 35. The dana 35 is junk my friends and will not last running 35's.DO not put money into it. Get a Ford 8.8 or Dana 44.
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    Wheel size question

    look at the latest issue of JP mag 4" lift 33" tires on a YJ 6" lift 35" tires.I would not run 35" tires with 3:07 gears.
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    Wheel size question

    6 cyl or 4
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    trying to run 35's on 2002 wrangler ?????'s

    1 you will need lower gears 2 Your Dana 35 can't handle 35's 3 People don't put 35's on your Jeep cause it's cool put them on only if you got the right axles to run them!
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    Jeep yj hard top back glass conversion

    what kit is that?
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    Wheel size question

    what gears do you have? yeah maybe you can fit them but can you move them! You gonna run 33's with 3:07 gears? good luck.
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    Trans or gear question

    longer drive shaft you don't have a YJ/TJ don't need sye
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    YJ Axle Swap

    This is a YJ I put a Scout Dana 44 in with 4:10 gears it has a CJ bolt pattern but you can run spacer adapters.We swapped out the Dana 30 front with 3:07s for a Dana 30 with 4:10's.
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    YJ Axle Swap

    In a YJ I'd run a Scout Dana 44 rear end ,66-76 Ford Bronco 9" or Ford 8.8